Yearlists: end of the year list 2022

Live music was finally back again in a great way, in 2022 the festivals we’ve been waiting for so long opened their gates again. Wacken, Hellfest, Graspop, Summerbreeze, Into the Grave and loads more welcomed all these live show hungry metalheads to their grounds and it was something to behold.

Without further ado I will present everyone my yearlist for 2022! 

AlestormSeventh Rum of a Seventh Rum”

The pirate party band claims a spot in my year list. While the album came out just in time for festival season and people were eager to party again. This albums contained some instant sing-alongs for the crowd. Just a few more weeks until the European tour starts and I can get my party on ! The electrified fried egg sounds still get me laughing every time I see or hear it. 

Avantasia “A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society” 
One of my favorite bands did it again when they released this absolute banger. With new additions in the line up like Floor Jansen (Nightwish) and Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear). “The Wicked Rule The Night” is an amazing example what can happen when you add some fresh blood to the line-up. Ralf Scheepers elevates this song to a higher level and especially live this was an amazing thing to behold. 

Skid Row – “The Gang’s All Here” 

What haven’t I already said about this album. “ The Gang’s All Here” is a really easy to listen to album with loads of great songs and one or two instant classics. I have enjoyed it from the first song and with a playtime of 41 minutes you can listen to it a few times in a row. If you enjoy the mix between hard rock and heavy metal you should really give this album a listen and I can’t wait for what the future brings for the newly revived Skid Row.

Ghost “Impera” 

All hail Papa Emeritus 4 (Tobias Forge)! The work that goes into all the storylines and amazing songs puts a smile on my face. “Hunter’s Moon” being the soundtrack of one of my favorite horror film installments made it even better . This band is ever evolving and I really can’t wait what’s next for Ghost. A funny fact is that “Mary On A Cross” released by Ghost on the EP “Seven Inches of Satanic Panic in 2019 suddenly went viral on social media and got into the Billboard top 100 3 years afters it’s release.

The City Kids“Filth” 

The City Kids are quite new on the scene with their dirty rock n roll style music. Starting out as a few musicians who released an album during lockdown. They’re back with this absolute filthy record(pun intended), and my this is a must listen if you like the sounds of  Motorhead and Warrior Soul. The line up consists of John “JJ” Watt , Dennis”Freaking” Post , Berty Burton and Dave Sanders

Just listen to this album it’s amazing and will brighten up your mood in no time. 


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