Yearlist 2023 – Erik

2023 was a very difficult year for me. Both business wise as personal I have encountered a lot of challenges. This affected the amount of reviews and listening of new music as well as visiting concerts. Does not mean I haven’t seen, listened, or reviewed but there simply wasn’t enough space to be as involved as I normally do. But hey! 2024 is on our doorstep. Let’s hope the tide will turn for the better. See you next year!

The best albums of 2023 are (in no particular order, depending on my mood):

Marduk – Memento Mori

Asagraum – Veil of Death, Ruptured

Helleruin – Devils, Death and Dark Art

Ice Ages – Coma

Troll – Trolldom

Skemer – Toasts & Sentiments

Hellevaerder / Duindwaler / Schavot / Asgrauw – Verloren Vertellingen

Xiphos – The Rise and Fall of Athens (released in 2022 but reviewed in 2023)

Immortal – War Against All


The best performances of 2023

GGGOLDDD- Soulcrusher Festival, Nijmegen

Gorgoroth – De Nieuwe Pul, Uden

Bohren & Der Club of Gore, Stevenskerk, Nijmegen

Gaerea – Willemeen, Arnhem

Siouxie – Paradiso, Amsterdam (not the be best performance but simply great to see her live again with superb tracklist)

Nitzer Ebb – Paradiso, Amsterdam

Behemoth – Tivoli, Utrecht


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