Yearlist 2023 – Antonie

Another year has flown by and as it is tradition, there’s a new end of the year list.
With great newcomers and massive albums by household names there was a lot to look forward to this year. Lots of tracks and albums to go through, however there were certain albums that just stuck with me the most and I still listen to today.


All For Metal – “Legends”

Arriving new to the scene with their debut album is All For Metal. They quickly became a name that will be one to remember. The power filled album with 2 vocalists is full of songs about mythology, accompanied by fast riffs and awesome drums. If you like power metal check this band out.

Thy Art Is Murder – Godlike”

Although this album is shrouded in a bit of controversy, it really blew me away.

What else is there to say. As I also wrote in my review about this album, it really shows how the band has grown but never forgot their roots. Deathcore at its finest and awell-deserved spot in my end of the year list

Heidevolk – “Wederkeer”

Dutch folk giants released a beast of a record earlier this year and I still listen to it now. With great song like “Drink met de goden”, Schildenmuur” & “Ijzige Nacht”. They tell stories with each of their songs and take you away to this mystical past. Whether it’s sitting near a campfire or partying out at one of their shows, there’s always space for this album because it can be played anywhere.

There’re just too many albums to pick from this year so I will have to keep it at these three in my top spots. Because these are the albums that are on the top of my playlist. Next year is already piling up to be a massive year when it comes to tours, festivals and albums so stay tuned!


I wish you all Happy Holidays and a powerful, awesome and rocking 2024



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