Wrang – De Vaendrig


Having read quite a few positive reviews about their previous full length album, called “Domstad Swart Metael,” I managed to completely miss this album.  Shame on me because what these three lads from Utrecht (Domstad) have to offer is nothing less than quality.  Luckily, Wrang, which means sour (for lack of better English words) is back with “De Vaendrig“ (Banner Bearer)Balancing through pessimism and hope and aided with Dutch lyrics they go onwards into battle. I am not going to explain the lyrics – that’s something for you to find out. But I think the general atmosphere on this album explains enough to grasp the concept/ideas of the songs presented.

When listening to their opener “Doodgeslagen Onschuld” they start with a fucking excellent track which reminds me of Taake. Please note that I mention “reminds me somewhat” because Wrang has more than enough identity of its own and even manages to have a few subtle tricks up its sleeve. On this track the subtle keyboard in the mid-section and superb solo makes sure that it oozes with atmosphere. Title track “De Vaendrig” starts with a sample of an old Dutch choir before exploding battering drums and the poisonous  throat of guitarist Galgenvot. But I have to admit it is the killer riffs which are presented on this track that keep me on the edge of my seat because it is aggressive, melodic and powerful all at once.  “Jachttijd” is a really cool track which starts relative slow but gains momentum and builds up speed and ferocity during its run. “Voorwaarts! De nacht roept” is aggressive yet manages to surprise me with its strong hooks and melancholic (semi) clear vocals. “Bestevaer” contains some really solid riffs and last but certainly not least of all, “Liturgie van Zelfhaat” builds op power, speed and chaos in sublime manner until its finishing note.

The production is crystal clear yet raw and the 40 (plus) minutes presented are over before you know it. And I find myself hitting the play button once again when the album is at the end of its course. I can conclude that in the end Wrang offers nothing (completely) new on the album “De Vaendrig.”  But as I mentioned before: you do not need to be hundred percent original as long as you have an own identity and present quality. And with these three blacksters this is certainly the case.   I hope to see them on a stage very soon presenting these quality tracks. The Netherlands keeps on spawning quality records and bands. In this case specifically Utrecht, which proves to have sour ground, yet cultivates some really tasty dark fruit.  So dear reader, please give this album a go. It really deserves a place in your record recollection.

Release date: 3rd June 2022
Label:  Dominance of Darkness Records
Rating: 8/10

Written by: Erik

1. Doodgeslagen onschuld
2. De vaendrig
3. Jachttijd
4. Voorwaarts! De nacht roept
5. Bestevaer
6. Afgunst
7. Liturgie Van Zelfhaat


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