Wolves in the the Throne Room – Primordial Arcana

This review is very difficult to write. After seeing Wolves in the Throne Room live in the Netherlands several times, I have a strong connection with this band. But seeing these American Blacksters live is something different then reviewing a (digital) album at home. But hey!…here we go with the follow up of the superb album Thrice Woven.

I might have set you on the wrong foot with the paragraph above because Primordial Arcana is yet another great installment of Wolves. What these lads can create like no other is atmosphere: dark, occult, enthralling. An evoking haunting atmosphere to be more precise. While using and transforming Black Metal (elements) they manage to conjure some pure magick while evoking dreams and visions only Wolves manages to do with pagan/nature themes.

Opener “Mountain Magick” starts serene, yet also like a thunderstorm on the sea watched from afar and fits perfectly within the realm of this band. Pounding drums aided by eerie keyboards and haunting trance-creating guitar riffs makes the first track a majestic gem. Follow up “Spirit of Lightning” begins quite relaxed with strings before transorming in a (well dosed) agressive and, again, hauntingly beautiful track while “Through Eternal Fields” is nothing more than an epic venture. “Primal Chasm (The Gift of Fire)” and album closer “Masters of Rain and Storm”, with some really cool keyboards, are both powerful anthems creating some well dosed havoc while not letting go of the majestic atmosphere.

By now you surely must know that I really can appreciate this album. But I have one remark: the serinity of this album is sometimes stretched a little too much. It still is a mesmerising album but sometimes you might wander into other realms. That said: “Primordial Arcana” is a majestic and superb album which shows what these Wolves can do best: creating a mystic venture with each song. The songs, apart and as a whole album, are certainly worth delving into. And since I am keen on hearing these guys live I can’t wait that these guys present their newest rituals on the stage. Let’s hope I/we get the chance very soon.

In conclusion: Wolves in the Throne Room have added another great record to their discography and it is a must hear for people who like to venture in mystic worlds. Go find out yourself and enjoy the journey, it might even take you to places where you can find or even lose yourself.

Score: 8,3 / 10

Label: Century Media Records
Review: Erik

01. Mountain Magick
02. Spirit of Lightning
03. Through Eternal Fields
04. Primal Cham (Gift of Fire)
05. Underworld Aurora
06. Masters of Rain and Storm
07. Eostre
08. Skyclad Passage (Bonus Track)


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