Wesenwille – II: A Material God

Wow! I have said before that the Netherlands proves to be sour ground spawning quality acts…over and over again. But listening to the second offspring of Wesenwille called “II: A Material God” it even surpasses my expectations. What these two blacksters hailing from Utrecht have done here is mind-blowing!

The sheer quality of compositions are just breath-taking. The samples added to the songs just give it an extra dimension. The sound is very brutal, yet melodic, harsh and bringing in fresh elements making it a dynamic venture in the mind of both Wesenwille members. While the first album “I” was already a great album this follow up shows that R. Schmidt (vocals, guitars, etc. also known from illustrious acts as Verval and White Oak) and mr. Schermann (Weltschmerz, Grafjammer, Wrang) have outdone themselves and even improved immensely on song writing. The vocals of Schmidt are raw and dirty and the drum patterns of Schermann are very good giving the music a certain edge.

There’s a great yet grimm modern atmosphere in the themes of this album. Using industrialization, capitalism and other modern themes, twisting it in a uncomfortable whole, it isn’t just standard darkness offered here. It is the grimm times we are living in displayed on this album. Together with the music and visuals in the artwork see to it that this piece of art intriguing and enthralling from beginning to end.
Just listen to the sheer terror displayed on “Inertia”, the dark intro sample on “Ritual” and the harsh guitar riffs on “A Material God” and you will be wrapped in a dark cloth of music. It will let you go until the insane, maniacal, mayhem of last track “The Introversion of Sacrifice” utters its last notes. The album is relatively short but the impact and momentum of the songs give this album an extraordinary touch wanting to press the repeat button immediately.

So dear listener, give this album a a few spins and you will certainly agree that Wesenwille is a great act and is well worth adding to your dark, extreme music collection. I won’t dissect all the songs for you because that would ruin the fun for you. Up to you to discover the contents and quality of this album. If you like bands such as Barshasketh, Deathspell Omega and Shining then you shouldn’t be worried and can listen this album blindly. And when you are not a fan of the above mentioned acts: well listen too it anyway because otherwise you are missing out on something. And let’s hope these guys will set the stage ablaze when Covid’s grip loosens…. They certainly deserve a place in the spotlight. Job well done!

Score: 8,2 / 10

Label: Les Acteurs de l’ombre Productions
Review made by: Erik


1. The Descent
2. Opulent Black Smog
3. Burial Ad Sanctos
4. Inertia
5. Ritual
6. A Material God
7. Ruin
8. The Introversion of Sacrifice


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