Wesenwille – I: Wesenwille

Label: Redefining Darkness Records
Review by Erik

Utrecht and Black Metal always has been a good combination. Numerous acts are hailing from this city. I will not name them but I can mention this: Wesenwille is another great act from this Dutch city. Their debut simply called I: Wesenwille. And although the temperature is already high in my living room it manages to add some degrees on top of it while playing it on my media player.

Founded by D. Schermann (also known from Weltschmerz, Wrang, Grafjammer and Iron Harvest) and R. Schmidt (Verval, Iron Harvest, Apotelesma and ex-White Oak) this duo manages to make an enthralling concoction of (post) Black Metal.

If you take bands as Deathspell Omega, Svart Crown and Svartidaudi you will get my drift. Albeit a little bit less chocking then for example Deathspell this duo manages to deliver an aggressive and gruesome punch. While listening to this album it reminds me of Wiegedood as well. This without losing any of its originality.

Since there are enough references here I will start with the album itself. Opener “The churning masses” is an aggressive song which keeps you to the each of your seat. Follow up “Prosopopoeia” starts with a sample and is quite “relaxed” before bursting into flames. Great song! “Golden rays of the sun” has a slightly more catchy vibe and by the devils horns it is fast…real fast! Excellent drumming while Mr. Schmidt screams his lungs out on this song until the mesmerising ending leaves you aching for more. In “Rising tidesWesenwille shows its more technical side without forgetting good songwriting while last track “From one, we are many” makes the chaos complete.

Wesenwille’s debut is a devastating album which destroys everything in its path, reaping havoc all the way. The great production and spine-chilling atmosphere makes this album one of the best debuts I have heard in years. So my dear black hearted listener, I can only conclude that this album should be given a chance by everyone who is into modern Black Metal. So do me a favour and give it a listen, buy this dark piece of art and appreciate it!

Score: 8,4 / 10


Wesenwille – I: Wesenwille
1. The churning masses
2. Prosopopoeia
3. Golden rays of the sun
4. Rising tides
5. From one, we are many


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