Wacken Open Air 2014

Wacken Open Air, the biggest metal festival in the world, where thousands of metal lovers from all over the world gather, to once again have the time of their life. This year marks the 25th year of existence for Wacken Open Air; so even more a reason to bang your heads, put those horns in the air and buy a beer or two (or more ;) ).

Sold out in only two days, the hopes were high, as were the temperatures these days, because one thing is for sure: Wacken Open Air 2014 definitely was one of the hottest and surely one of the dustiest editions we know.
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Like most metalheads I love to visit festivals and concerts, so as soon as metal-exposure was founded, I jumped in. Nowadays I run the site, but also still take care of writing when I find the time for it, but mainly love photographing. I see and listen to a lot of different kind of bands, but my foremost love goes to Black Metal.

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