Vaeok – Vaeok (EP)

2020 musically has a very good start. The first thing offered from ’20 was made of sheer dark delights hailing from the US of fuckin’ A. And it would be a shame not to indulge you with a review of this dark, eerie gem. In this case it concerns Vaeok‘s self-titled EP and debut. The sinister duo M.S. (voices, guitar and keys) and VJS (drums, bass, guitar and keys) created a debut which is one of eerie grandeur. How could it be anything else since these members are already active in Sargeist, Nightbringer, Kult of Azazel (and many more)?

Musically these experienced musicians offer us an eerie, chilling wind of enthralling Black Metal. Although the music is quite aggressive at times it is especially the atmosphere, please mind the keyboards, which makes this release extra-ordinary; and the atmosphere is so hauntingly beautiful it makes me hungry for more…again, again and again. I have played this four track EP numerous times and it just keeps getting better and better.

This EP starts with “Tericulla Nox” which is a superb opener where aggressive guitar riffs and ditto melodies are perfectly blended with almost fantasy like dark hymns. The intro of this track, including a howling wind, makes it very hard not to be mesmerized until the cold and spine chilling aggressiveness is creeping up unto you. Slowly but deadly.
Atrox” on the other hand has a more forceful approach. This without forgetting its eerie melodies. This song has a great tension build up and bursts in flames out of your speakers.
“Malaesthete” follows the same dark path. And with its icy tremolo picking manages to create Goosebumps over my body.
Last, but not least, the track “Souls Void” takes total control over my soul with its haunting beautiful melodies and sublime dreamy outro.

Albeit a bit short, this journey makes me linger back to the icy depths of a snow covered isolated Iand. I can only conclude that I am more than 666% enthusiastic of this eerie, cold and enchanting piece of art. An absolute must for lovers of the dark out there. Eerie, frostbitten, melodic Black metal supremacy at its best. I can’t wait for a full-length album from this act. So dear reader, rise from your cold, icy tombs and give this work a chance. It won’t melt your heart but is definitely soul food. Digest it while you still can….

Score: 8,8 / 10

Label: W.T.C.Productions
Review made by: Erik

1. Terricula Nox
2. Atrox
3. Malaesthete
4. Souls Void

M.S. – voices, guitar, keys, elegies
VJS – drums, bass, keys, guitar


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