Vaal – Visioen van het verborgen Land

I have mentioned before that the Dutch label New Era Productions delivers some good quality obscure Black Metal records. And this review is no exception. And although Vaal‘s “Visioen van het verborgen Land (visions of the hidden Land)” is already released approx.. a year ago I just couldn’t resist reviewing this album.

Vaal is the project of well eh…Vaal, also known from Ravenzang, Old Tower and many more, himself and his been spawning demo’s, EP’s and full length albums since 2016. If you listen to the music itself it brings you back to the beginning of the nineties were Scandinavian Black Metal reigned. This new album just breathes the majestic atmosphere of this era. And since I am a huge fan of atmospheric yet raw Black Metal “Visioen van het verborgen Land” makes a more than solid impression in my cd-player.

With the intro “Een nachtelijk waken/ A night wake” this album makes its entrance with some dungeon synth, just like Old Tower, before “Verloren in een vreemde Droom/Lost in a strange Dream” makes your environment cold with its raw frostbitten sound. Musically it reminds me of “In Times Before The Light” of Kovenant and Dimmu’s “Stormblast” while the ambient pieces “Schimmerwoud/Wood Of Spectres” and outro “De Laatste Schemering/The Last Twilight” take you back to Burzum’s “Filosofem” and “Hvis Lyset Tarr Oss”.

Together with typical gritty nineties production and artwork of Alex Kurtagic, who also made the cover-art of the above mentioned Dimmu and Kovenant albums you know what to expect. Not highly original but utterly enjoyable. And that’s what counts, doesn’t it? Vaal manages to bring the nineties back again in your favourite media player. And I am very enthusiastic about that!

Score: 7,5 /10

Label: New Era Productions
Review Made By: Erik

i. Een nachtelijk waken
ii. Verloren in een vreemde droom
iii. Doudesheimen
iv. Zielentocht
v. Schimmerwoud
vi. Stemmen in de mist
vii. Visioen van het verborgen land
viii. De laatste schemering


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