Ulver – Flowers of Evil

I know this is a metal zine. I also know that Ulver used to play metal and has somewhat of a cult status. Their metaldays are dead and buried, and honestly, I don’t mind because the musical path they have chosen is one I can only admire. Ulver does what they feel is right and do not have any boundaries. In this case the musical endeavour found on their predecessor “The Assination Of Julius Ceasar (2017)” has been perfected making their newest offspring “Flowers of Evil” a superb and utterly enjoyable album.

The same as “The Assination” it took me a few spins in order to fully grasp the full potential of this album, namely: 80’ies synthpop fused with, prog elements and much, much more. It is both danceable and music to dream upon without forgetting Ulver’s melancholic signature. The songs are crafted and executed in almost perfect manner. The songs doesn’t have enormous outburst of energy or aggressiveness but manages to enthral the listener with a very subtle approach. It feels like vocalist Kristoffer Ryg operates in his comfort zone because his voice is, once again, spot on.

While opener “One Last Dance” sets the mood, “Russian Doll” sweeps you of your feet with its subtle and danceable vibe. “Machine Guns and Peacock Feathers” takes me back to their previous album, which isn’t a punishment at all. “Hour of the Wolf” is drenched in melancholy and “Nostalgia” is almost funky. Every song has an own face but fits perfectly within the whole atmosphere of the album.

With a duration of 37 minutes, comprising of eight songs, “Flowers of Evil” is a little on the short side. On the other hand the songs are so f*cking good that I can’t stop listening to this album. The devil is into details they say, and this album is perfected with such small and sublime details that this must be the devil’s work ;). So dear reader, if you have an open mind you should definitely give this album a go. And for me I will be playing this album over and over again. This is one for the yearlist!

Label: House of Mythology
Review made by: Erik

Score: 9,1 /10

1. One Last Dance
2. Russian Doll
3. Machine Guns and Peacock Feathers
4. Hour of the Wolf
5. Apocalypse 1993
6. Little Boy
7. Nostalgia
8. A Thousand Cuts


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