Triumph, Genus – Po Vrhu Vždy Je Prázdno Kolébek

Black metal hailing Czech Republic has never been appreciated like it should be. Of course there are some bands that are well recognised in the underground (Master’s Hammer, Cult of Fire), but still music coming from this country is a niche of art within the realm of Black Metal. Whether it is the fact I, and probably you too, do not understand even a fraction of the language (except Pivo ;) )…… I just don’t know. Doesn’t mean that there are some gems to be found coming from this beautiful country. Take Triumph, Genus: they make great music although I don’t understand a word of it. Although it is said the pen is mightier than the sword, it is here the sword that is important for me. So let’s focus on that.

Musically orthodox, fierce, aggressive, nihilistic and misanthropic Black Metal is being offered here. It is stunning what kind of music one person can make. Take a bunch of instruments such as bass, guitar and drums, add a well composing multi instrumental musician named Svar, combine it with a vocalist named Jaroslav…. et voila we have a concoction for success.

As said the music sounds raw, nihilistic and misanthropic. It reminds me a lot of the fast and harsh tracks from the superb “Nemesis Divina” of Satyricon. Just listen to tracks as “Po Vrhu Vždy Je Prázdno Kolébek” and the fast riffing last track “Dále Se Netřeba Zabývat. Lépe Se Nadchnout Něčím Vyšším” and you will understand what I mean. The only comment on this album I can make is the fact that the throat of Jaroslav is a little monotonous and low. It is more a dark sort of spoken word instead of a full black metal scream. It fits the music, does the job but isn’t extraordinary in comparison with the rest of the music offered.

Beside this minor remark the conclusion is that “Po Vrhu Vždy Je Prázdno Kolébek” is a well-produced and solid piece of black metal art, which has references with the second wave of black metal. So understandable lyrics or not: check this one out if you are into some old school black. I suspect you will like it…. a lot!

Score: 7,5 / 10
Label: New Era Productions

Review made by: Erik

1. Nahlížím Přes Okraj Hrobových Jam

2. Byli Jsme Rozděleni, Nese Se Celým Řádem

3. Snad Jste Do Země Zaseti

4. Vidím Ten Spěch Pojit Osudy, Zničenou Paměť Vašich Těl

5. Po Vrhu Vždy Je Prázdno Kolébek

6. Sledovat Skladbu, Polohu I Tvar Dříve, Než Přijdou K Sobě

7. Dále Se Netřeba Zabývat. Lépe Se Nadchnout Něčím Vyšším


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