Thy Art Is Murder – Godlike

First of all, I would like to state that this review was written before the press statement about the firing of Chris McMahon.
McMahon was fired from the band after a series of incidents and the band decided it was time to part ways with the singer. The digital version of this album already replaced all the vocals by McMahon with their new full time singer Tyler Miller. Miller is known for his vocals in Aversions Crown.

“Godlike” is the latest release of Australian death core outfit Thy Art Is Murder and it slams right out of the gate.  “Destroyer of Dreams” already opens with melodic guitar riffs and vocals that go straight through you. The song itself has a great structure with the guitar riffs remaining melodic and driving into some nice breakdowns. “Blood Throne” follows in the footsteps of the first track on the album with hard, but very playful riffs, soul shattering vocals, sing-along lyrics and amazing drum work.

“Join Me In Armageddon” almost had me think that I was listening to a melodic death metal band at the beginning but then the breakdowns come and I could feel myself get a huge smile on my face. This song shows the growth and range of the band. Along with the accompanying video this is one of my favorite songs on the album.

With “Keres” Thy Art Is Murder shows why they belong in the top of the death core genre. Riffs that hit you harder than a brick wall, amazing and technical drums and growling and raw vocals. It comes to you fast and hard and leaves you wanting more. I listened to this one multiple times on repeat and every time I hear it, I hear something else that amazes me. It’s nasty, it’s technical and overall, it’s just an amazing song and the gruesome video that comes with it makes it even better.

“Everything Unwanted” starts with growls in the distant and soft and slow guitar before storming into a thunderous wall of sound. That keeps up with the theme of “Keres” with dark, brutal, and technical riffs, amazing guitar solos, hard hitting drums and powerful vocals. It changes rhythm a few times to go back to the slower opening with distant growls just to hit you straight in the head again with fast and heavy.  Title Track “Godlike” is just what you expect when you listened to Thy Art Is Murder before. Brutal and such a banger but it does stand out from the typical death core you hear today. “Bermuda” is the last track of the album and has a different vibe than the rest of the songs. It’s more melodic and sounds very epic, like they want to tell a story and it works perfectly to finish the album on a strong but different note.

Overall Godlike is an amazing release and is a statement to death core bands as of why Thy Art Is Murder is one of the greatest death core bands around. I listened to both versions, one containing the vocals of McMahon and the other containing the vocals of Miller. Both are very impressive and do bring a different vibe to the sound although they are not too far apart from each other. The vocals of McMahon are being replaced on the digital version of the album but were already on the physical releases.  If you want to hear them, you could buy the vinyl or CD. I imagine these will be released later on, with the vocals of Miller.

Thy Art Is Murder is on tour right now so get your tickets while you can!

Rating: 8/10

Release Date: 22 September 2023
Label: Human Warfare


Reviewer : Antonie


  1. Destroyer Of Dreams
  2. Blood Throne
  3. Join Me In Armageddon
  4. Keres
  5. Everything Unwanted
  6. Lesson In Pain
  7. Godlike
  8. Corrosion
  9. Anathema
  10. Bermuda





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