The Great Old Ones – Cosmicism

Lovecraftian Black Metal. An indulgence of atmosphere….. dark, chilling, gloomy yet resonating with aggressiveness. One of its predecessors Tekeli-Li was already a brilliant album taking Lovecraft’s mysticism to new heights. “Cosmicism” is a branch from the same root. Dark, haunting, dwelling and intriguing. Tonally it breathes the same atmosphere as the previous album(s) yet these French blacksters manage to renew, or better said refine, their unique post-Black Metal formula to new heights. In my opinion it is the most significant album to date. So…. let us dwell in the mysticism of Cthulu and co. shall we?

While opener “Cosmic Depths” is an interlude to agony it really stars with “The Omniscient” which offers sombre, near acoustic contemplations before blast beats come trembling in. Excellently played and well produced dirges of unholiness are the result. Follow up “Of Dementia” starts off with an extreme and unsettling atmosphere and has some really powerful riffs. Together with the haunting vocals, slightly mixed in the background, its unearthly hostility oozes dark power. With some great solo’s embedded in the mix I must add. “Lost Carcosa” starts with a haunting interlude and starts shuddering with roar giving methodical mid-paced Lovecraftian galore a place among cacophonous avant-garde aggressiveness. And thus, resulting in an engaging and challenging piece of work. It might take a few spins but when you grasp it, this song will haunt you for hours. This album has more depth than some seas can offer you. A glimpse of unreality is being presented here. The gloomy compositions of “A Thousand Young” are beautiful yet ghostly compelling upon your ears. You start meandering about the themes what this music is all about. And then slowly the aggression creeps in and with cleverly implementing different paces and angles it makes this almost twelve minutes during track a lustrous cosmic monster to dwell in.

After this song we are treated upon “Dreams of the Nuclear Chaos” which has a more compact and direct approach. With great guitars, special attention to the excellent bass play here, this song is over in TGGO style before you know it. A perfect dose of cosmic aggression. “Nyarlathotep” finishes this grim ordeal with great tension building ending in an epic monumental tapestry of Lovecraftian horror.

This album takes a few spins. It’s executed in sublime fashion with much depth for the listener. Thematically, lyrically and musical splendour is being offered on this piece of art. A review does not do justice on this post-Black Metal surge of power. Just listen to “Cosmicism” yourself and agree that The Great Old Ones have risen from the abyss once again to take control of your senses. When you are into the genre you are obliged to listen to it. When you are not a connoisseur….just try it….you won’t be disappointed. One for the year list!

Score: 8,8 / 10
Release date: October 25th 2019
Label: Season of Mist

Review made by Erik

Track list:
1 Cosmic Depths
2 The Omniscient
3 Of Dementia
4 Lost Carcosa
5 A Thousand Young
6 Dreams Of The Nuclear Chaos
7 Nyarlathotep


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