Ministry – Moral Hygiene

After the unfortunate death of Mike Scaccia (also known from Rigor Mortis and Revolting Cocks) in 2012 and the very disappointing “Amerikkkant (2018)” I figured that it was over and done with quality recordings of the Industrial Metal outfit Ministry. Being quite a fan-boy of Al Jourgenson‘s main project I figured that with such an […]

Carnifex – Graveside Confessions

Any metalhead who’s into deathcore knows Carnifex, at least by name. One of the seminal bands of the genre, they revel in heavy breakdowns and dark lyrical content, frequently thematically centered around depression and suicide. This Friday they continue in character with a (mostly) heavy-as-fuck new album, “Graveside Confessions”, and it’s chock-full of nostalgia – […]

Therion – Leviathan

Three years after the ambitious project “Beloved Antichrist”, Therion is back with “Leviathan”. In contrary to the previous record, Leviathan is more of a regular record, where Beloved Antichrist was a big scale project, which was more of a theater play made into an album. Now, we can say that every Therion record has its […]

Soilwork- A Whisp of the Atlantic

Towards the end of the great Gothenburg melodic death metal boom of the mid 1990’s Soilwork is a band that early-on forged its way in the melodeath scene by being rather fast and aggressive comparatively. Early releases such as Steelbath Suicide exemplify Soilworks roots of rawness, aggression and speed compounded with popular melodeath rhythms, leads, […]

Enslaved – Utgard

Enslaved Utgard cover

Having long forsaken the path of raw black metal, it has almost turned into a sport to see what the Norwegian extreme progessive metal act Enslaved conjure up whenever they announce a new album. The Norwegians are some of the few that have both managed to maintain (a bit of) and musically evolve from their […]

Primal Fear – Metal Commando

Metal Commando is the newest addition to a long historic catalogue from power metal bruisers Primal Fear. Formed in 1997 by vocalist Ralf Scheepers and bassist Mat Sinner, Primal Fear’s roots run deep into the old school thrash/power metal scene, Scheepers and Sinner were members of the Judas Priest cover band “Just Priest”. With that […]