Wizardthrone – Hypercube Necrodimensions

What would happen if you mashed together Alestorm, Aether Realm and Gloryhammer? Then threw it all into space? No one has ever asked that question before – well, until Wizardthrone anyway. Wizardthrone is a new international supergroup made up of several prominent members of aforementioned bands, most notably including Chris Bowes of Alestorm/Gloryhammer; and everyone […]

Nanowar of Steel – Italian Folk Metal

After the massive hits that were “Formia” and “Biancodolce,” Nanowar of Steel is finally releasing their long-awaited pop album. Except it’s sadly full of metal songs? Very disappointing! With this record metal’s most hilarious and clever band takes jabs at their local Italian music, fittingly calling the album ‘Italian Folk Metal.’ You may wonder why […]

Warkings – Revenge

Side projects. A lot of times band members like to exploit different genres or influences and venture off to different bands. That’s how special projects are born and about two years ago we were surprised by a band named Warkings. Behind a cloak of secrecy, this band plays power metal best described as a mix […]