Iskandr – Vergezicht

Dutch black metal formation Iskandr, comprised multi-instrumentalist O (Turia, Lubbert Das, Solar Temple) and on drums M (Fluisteraars, Solar Temple), return to the foray with their third full-length ‘Vergezicht’. Supposedly, the album narrates six stories about resistance, deceit and regeneration, a theme that fits well with the epic approach to each of these songs. The […]

Saille – V

I’ve grown quite fond of Saille. Ever since their debut “Irreversible Decay” the keyboard laced Black Metal has been a great supplier of Metal for my eardrums. With V this is also the case but I can’t help having a few remarks. When I listen to Saille I expect to have a full tapestry of […]

Helleruin – War Upon Man

You might have remembered that I was looking forward towards the full length of Helleruin a few months ago? Well here it is! New Era Productions gave me a physical copy and after more than a few spins the review is now available for you… If you are looking for an intro please look up […]

Wesenwille – II: A Material God

Wow! I have said before that the Netherlands proves to be sour ground spawning quality acts…over and over again. But listening to the second offspring of Wesenwille called “II: A Material God” it even surpasses my expectations. What these two blacksters hailing from Utrecht have done here is mind-blowing! The sheer quality of compositions are […]

Sagenland – Oale Groond

As mentioned before the Netherlands proofs to have fertile ground and keeps spawning quality black metal acts and releases. “Oale Groond” is no exception. In this case the concoction is very easy created: take two talented musicians, in this case Batr (Meslamteae, Asgrauw) and Herjann (Cultus), add some conservative Black Metal and a pinch of […]

Dodenbezweerder – Vrees de Toorn van de Wezens verscholen achter majestueuze vleugels

With illustrious acts as Gnaw Their Tongues, Aderlating, De Magia Veterium and tons of other illustrious acts you might think that Maurice has enough projects were his sinister and dark creativity can be satisfied with. Nothing is farther from the truth because the creativity of this gifted musician never stands still. With yet another outlet […]