Report: Docs Blackfest 3

15-02-2010 Doc’s Metalfest part III Willemeen, Arnhem, the Netherlands Words: Erik (E) with contributions by Wouter (W) Pictures: Wouter After the succesfull previous editions of Doc’s Blackfest, it was obvious that the WillemEen would be haunted again for another edition of this festival. And with a solid line-up of known and lesser known acts, this […]

Melechesh, Keep of Kalessin and supports

Wednesday May 6th brought a mixture of not-so-run-of-the mill bands to the locales of Arnhem, the Netherlands. Hailing from Israel but living (somewhat branded and exiled) elsewhere: Melechesh headlined the evenings’ quintet, together with the Norwegian (elite?) melodic black metal constellation Keep of Kalessin. Supporting acts Tribulation, a progressive black metal (rock?) from Sweden along […]

Agalloch & Fen

Agalloch does not come to town often to play a headliner-show, but when they do, it’s with a show that keeps you’ll remember fondly until the next visit. This Sunday evening was no exception to. During the Lucifer Over Europe tour, the Americans performed an exclusive show in the venue Willemeen in Arnhem and brought […]