Metal-Exposure was found in 2007. The webzine is based in the Netherlands but the crew is active all across Europe and a little in the United States. We are always open for contributors from anywhere, so feel free to contact us if you want! We work together with several record labels and companies to bring you as much as articles as they can! We meet up with metalheads from all over the world (perhaps you some day!), starting new collaborations, discovering music (and writing about it ;)) and of course having fun! Stay Metal!

Astrid Slootweg
Frans Wijnen
Gerard van Roekel
Idskia Idsinga
Irene Ouburg
Jacqueline Van Geffen
Joyce Stam
Mart Wijnholds
Robin van den Boom
Rob van Manen
Roel Damhuis
Sylvia van der Meer
Tessa Nicolai
Tabitha Duinkerken
Ursula Parson