Slamming Brutality

By Wouter
Slam Death Metal is a sub genre of Brutal Death Metal. Besides the love for full throttle blast beats, slam death metal bands also employ slower palm-muted riffs. Suffocation used those so called “slams” in some of their breakdowns. Pioneering bands like Internal Bleeding and Devourment took those slams to a new level in the late 90’s. Using these type of riffs in more and more sections gave the songs a whole different feeling. It wasn’t until the mid 2000s though that a lot of bands rose up and started to slam around the globe. Another characteristisc is Slam Death Metal is that the majority of these bands use deep gutturals and pig squeels. BREE BREE BREE!

So this is a list of a handful of great albums that this genre has to offer. There are of course lots and lots more, so I had to make a lot of agonizing choices to present a selected bunch of records. However, they will surely give you a good insight into some of the best stuff in this genre, from bands coming from all the corners of the world.

Devourment – 1.3.8. (2000)
This compilation of American slam legends starts with probably the most famous slam death metal song ever. But be careful: the song Babykiller results in instant circle pits with at least two metalheads! Especially the version with original vocalist Wayne Knupp (R.I.P) is great. Always play this song loudly and proudly! The three following songs from the Impaled demo are interesting, but of course the next eight songs from their first full-length, Molesting the Decapitated, is what this compilation is all about. Molesting the Decapitated is one of the best albums out there because of the insane amount of tempo changes and the very rough production. Slam Death Metal in the early stages of development, but already very different from regular brutal death metal.


Acranius – The Echo of Her Cracking Chest (2011)
This German group created a terrific EP. These six songs contain the catchiest and grooviest riffs and slams. All the songs are also re-recorded on the full-length When Mutation Becomes Homicidal. However, the EP has better guttural vocals. The vocals on the album sound more deathcore-ish. So, if you really want to go for a more slamming brutality feeling, than this EP is a good choice. Baltic Sea brutality!


Haemophagia – From Sickness to Cult (2007)
Not so many people seem to know this band from Spain. Probably because this is their only full-length and they’re not active anymore. But this really is one hell of a record! It contains ultra fast blast beats, excellent bridges between song sections and heavy breakdowns of course. Even though the production might be a little weird at first, it’ll grow on you, I’m sure. Also, the production gives the record it’s unique and brutal sound. This, plus the talented musicans, makes this an incredible album.


Cephalotripsy – Uterovaginal Insertion of Extirpated Anomalies (2007)
This is the most obvious Slam Death Metal release to date from the United States. Every single riff consists of palm-muted powerchords and it’s mostly mid tempo. The blast beats here are a rarity, but those few blast beats are insanely fast. Also, a great style of drumming during the rest of the sections with a minimal useage of the snare drum. The deep gutturals are done by Angel Ochoa from Condemned and the American Disgorge nowadays. Those are one of the most brutal gutturals I’ve heard!


Human Rejection – Decrepit to Insanity (2009)
One of the greatest features on this album from the Greek band Human Rejection are the vocals of Alex Xintas. Of course that alone doesn’t make this a great Slam Death Metal record. The slams on this record are very much present and yet quite odd though. In the sense that the rythms are not build from the usual quarter notes. They have some weird rhythms here and there but still it’s very accessible. Therefore musically a very entertaining album.


Extermination Dismemberment – Serial Urbicide (2013)
The newest album in this list but it dropped like a bomb! This stuff is insanely heavy with those bass drops and those constant gutturals. Very much like Cephalotripsy, this is over the top slamming brutality, but generally faster. Also, the chainsaw guitar sounds are a nice touch. I never expected this from a band from Belarus, but turn up the volume and make good use of the subwoofer! It doesn’t get much heavier than this.


Short Bus Pile Up – Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery (2010)
One can clearly hear the influences of Slam Death Metal pioneers Internal Bleeding on this record. The record has grunts rather than gutturals and pig squeels. Old school 90s Slam Death Metal from the United States! Probably more accessible for regular brutal death metal fans therefore. Though it doesn’t make it less of a slam death metal album. Still a lot of characteristic slam riffs are presen!


Abominable Putridity – In the End of Human Existence (2007)
They call themselves Russian Heavy Machinery, hailing from Russia obviously. And mother, Russia is indeed heavy! It was actually hard to choose between this full-length and their second full-length The Anomalies of Artificial Origin. Both of them are great, though this one has a much more straightforward style of slam. A bit more simplistic maybe and there are certainly more mid tempo sections, but either way: you can’t go wrong with Russian Heavy Machinery.


Begging for Incest – Orgasmic Selfmutilation (2012)
Quite a catchy name, isn’t it? Well, it is a name that a lot of people immediately will remember, so I suppose it’s a good name. And also the band is actually really fun: they are all about partying. The riffs are therefore quite primitive, but they really catch on. So sit back and let their tunes entertain you and in case you’ve never seen them live, be sure to do that some time!


Pus Vomit – Degrade the Worthless (2009)
These guys come all the way from the Phillippines. This proves that the slamming virus spreaded all over the world. These guys can really compete with all the European and American bands out there. Heavy slams, brutal blast beats and deep gutturals are all present. Also, the production is surprisingly good, as if it was produced here. Altogether, a rather professional effort and some quite fast slamming brutality.


So hopefully you discovered some new bands here and hopefully you will enjoy these albums as much as I do. Join the slamming madness and practise your cirlce pit skills at home when you listen to these releases. BREE BREE BREE!

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