A day with Tristania – Part I

I know a lot of readers are curious about what a band goes through while they are on tour. Also, a lot of people will not quickly experience the backstage area and what happens there. So here I am, being given the opportunity to share my day with Tristania with you.

Rotterdam and Tilburg

By Michael Brookhuis

Suddenly during a chat, I received the question, whether I would find it interesting to follow the band during the day. Well, who in their right mind would say no to that, right? Thus we came to an agreement. I would photograph the show in Rotterdam, afterwards we would discuss what to do on Sunday in Tilburg and on Sunday itself I would follow the band during their preparations etcetera.

There I was, standing in the rain, outside the Baroeg. Just in time for the show to begin. I entered the venue and made my way to the front row, so I could at least shoot some decent pictures. Once the show started, the venue was halfway packed, but halfway through the show, the Baroeg was quite crowded. Everybody in the crowd seemed to enjoy themselves, while Tristania played a harder show than usual. It seemed as if they adjusted the set list to accentuate Dark Tranquillity, who was up next.

Setlist Tristania:
•Night on Earth
•Beyond the Veil
•The Shining Path
•Year of the Rat
•Darkest White

Next up was the headliner for this tour, Dark Tranquillity. I must be honest that this was my first time seeing them live, and a good prequel for me before the 70.000 Tons of Metal cruise in January. Even though Tristania got a lot of fans exited and maybe even made some new ones, it was clear that most of the people were here for Dark Tranquillity. And they sure did get a show! The complete set was as tight as it can be, where the energy of the band and crowd blended into one hell of a cocktail. Tristania’s Mariangela Demurtas joined the stage for a couple of songs. Dark Tranquillity explained that they are not a band to do encores, so they would just keep on playing until the time was up. Kudo’s for that!

Setlist Dark Tranquillity:
•Science of noise
•White noise/Black Silence
•What only you know
•The Fatalist
•The Silence in between
•Zero Distance
•A Bolt of Blazing Gold
•Undo Control
•Monochromatic Stains
•Wonders at your Feet
•Bitter Halt
•Silence, and the Firmament withdrew
•Terminus (Where Death is most alive)
•State of Trust
•Endtime Hearts
•Final Resistance
•Misery’s Crown

After the concert, I had a short talk with one of the band members, discussing how things would take place the next day in Tilburg. We parted ways for the evening, preparing for the next day. You can read all about the day in Tilburg in part 2 of this report!

For more pictures of the show of Tristania and Dark Tranquility check out Brookhuis Photography!

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