Seth – La Morsure du Christ

I have a lot of fond memories regarding Seth; listening to it when I was discovering Black Metal.
Together in the car with one of my best friends….riding to Amsterdam visiting Gothic parties and listening to Black Metal along the way (you know who you are matey ;)). With old gems such as Les Blessure de l’ame, Divine-X and The Excellence it was always a pleasure hearing these French blacksters on my speakers.
Although, I have missed their latest spawns I can now conclude that I am happy they are back, in re-formed line up, with an excellent album named La Morsure du Christ. It reminds me somewhat of newer Rotting Christ albums, only better (but that is a matter of taste and opinion).

Although it is less bombastic and unorthodox then I’ve used to Seth delivers a great, nearly superb album. With keys, guitar intermezzos and solid tension build up they deliver an surprising, fresh, satanic and venomous album without forgetting the right atmosphere which is so essential. Especially the keyboards are a subtle and ambient enhancing touch. Together with the nineties veined song-writing it creates goosebumps during some parts of specific songs, and that’s always a good thing, isn’t it?

The killer riffs on opener and title track are simply sublime, and with a great keyboard intermezzo in the end section they manage to create a creepy, enthralling and melancholic ear-drum teaser. Wow what a song! Luckily, it doesn’t stop here because follow up Metal Noir, with its subtle yet great keyboards, manage to keep me sitting on the tip of my chair during the entirety of the song.
With the almost epic introduction of Sacrifice de Sang you can’t do wrong with me.

I am not going to delve in each song, and my French isn’t what it used to be so you have to discover the topics yourself..haha. But with reading this review you can easily conclude that I really can appreciate this album. It’s a fond trip back to memory line.
Although their sound has changed a little the quality of the tracks are just top notch.
Take a crystal clear yet not to sterile production and the solid song-writing of each track and you have a spot on record.
Together with the beautiful artwork this album shouldn’t be missed, and oh, it seems that a few releases contain bonus tracks so that’s also worth checking out. In my humble opinion: lads and ladies….you can purchase this album blindly. It won’t disappoint. Job well done and for now: Hail Seth!

Score: 8.8 / 10

Label: Season of Mist
Review made by: Erik


1. La morsure du Christ 05:54
2. Métal noir 04:55
3. Sacrifice de sang 06:25
4. Ex-cathédrale 06:49
5. Hymne au vampire (Acte III) 07:25
6. Les océans du vide 07:05
7. Le triomphe de Lucifer 05:57


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