Seth – La France des Maudits

In 2021 I reviewed La Morsure du Christ (read it here) of Seth. With this album Seth managed to set the bar high. Now, three years later these French blacksters are back with “La France des Maudits”, which roughly translated means something like “France of the cursed”.

But let me tell you, it isn’t a curse to listen “La France des Maudits”. Like its predecessor this album delves in the rich and dark French history. This time it handles the French revolution. A fitting concept and it seems only fitting that the lyrics are written in French. Vocalist Saint Vincent spreads his gospel in various emotions during a speech on a dark mass. But don’t forget the other musicians. All members show great craftmanship and together they concoct eight Atmospheric Black Metal songs where misery, anguish hate, hope, power and much more can be felt. Like a French wine Seth has ripened and managed to refine their art. Except from a hiatus between 2005 and 2011 this band has been around for a long time, and it shows.

“La France des Maudits” sounds as a logical next step after the “La Morsure” album and contains the same elements, but more on that later. The album starts with “Paris Des Maléfices”. An orchestral part sets the tone before bursting out in a very emotional, aggressive yet melodic track. Great riffs, superb keyboards and a lot of detail put in this song manage to keep me on the edge of my seat.

“Et Que Vive Le Diable!” also has a lot of bombastic elements (just listen to the small choir in the mid-section) making it a killer track with loads of emotion. You can feel the despair, as if the guillotine is hanging above your head. “La Destruction Des Reliques”, with its subtle but oh so enthralling keyboards, is fast, aggressive, yet loaded with atmosphere. The mid-section builds up momentum until the dramatic keys see to a fitting end.

’”Dans le Coeur un Poignard” starts slowly with building up tension and shows some real epic tendencies while not forgetting the so dire needed ambiance which makes this album so great.

“Marianne” can be regarded as a well-executed intermezzo and feels as if there’s a lot of sorrow in it. Remember, the revolution was a very harsh and tough time resulting in countless deaths and thus accompanied by much misery. This intermezzo sets the tone for “Ivre du Sang des Saints” which is a top-notch song combining all the above-mentioned elements I like (or love) about Seth.

“Resurrection” shows a more powerful side of this band. This song is fierce and displays hate but doesn’t forget to have enough melody, great keyboards and even a sample of a church bell to make it an extraordinary song worth delving into.

Closing track Le Vin Du Condamné” sees to it that it that “La France des Maudits” makes sure there’s a fitting end of this album. With a duration of more than eight minutes it touches grandiosity, rebellion and has a triumphant and dramatic undertone making it one hellish epic journey.

Together with the fitting and beautifully designed artwork I can only conclude that Seth managed to present a top-notch album. It is rich in wonderful, brooding and grim songs and has a palette of emotions on its canvas. If you’ve liked what I drawn on (digital) paper and think this might be your cup of tea do not hesitate and go, get yourself a copy. You certainly won’t be disappointed. Seth certainly deserves more recognition within the extreme metal scene. Please provide it to them. Great stuff!


Score: 8,4  / 10

Label: Season of Mist

Release date: 14 July 2024

Reviewed by: Erik


  1. Paris Des Maléfices
  2. Et Que Vive Le Diable !
  3. La Destruction Des Reliques
  4. Dans Le Cœur Un Poignard
  5. Marianne
  6. Ivre Du Sang Des Saints
  7. Insurrection
  8. Le Vin Du Condamné



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