Septicflesh – Codex Omega Review

Septicflesh - Codex Omega

The Greek melodic death metal band Septicflesh has returned to the theatre with their 10th full length record: Codex Omega. Even though Communion (2008) is still seen as the band’s masterpiece, Codex Omega certainly lives up to the reputation of these Greeks making albums that are as devastating and dangerous as the thunderstorns that the almighty Zeus sends down to humankind every now and then.

Opener “Dante’s Inferno” sets the listener straight in what to expect from this record, as the band continues where they left off with Titan (2014). You are embraced warmly by a string quartet, until a bombastic force of thrumphets and blastbeats, you have now stepped into Dante’s Inferno (pun intended). It’s not the most outstanding track on Codex Omega and perhaps a bit too typically Septicflesh, but it’s enough to make the listener thirsty for more.

Septicflesh takes you further down into the fiery pit with “Portrait Of A Headless Man”. The atmosphere gets more dense, the air heavier and the choirs and string-quartet driven soundtrack leave no room to breathe. Even though already monolith in itself, it also builds the mood for “Enemy Of Truth”. Starting of with swirling violins, an intricate musical backdrop and an unpredicatable beat, the song later on magnifies every aspect that is Septicflesh. Everything is intensified, from the entire orchestra providing the colour palette, the death growls to the soprano choir. If Codex Omega has an magnus opus, this is it.

Tracks like “Enemy Of Truth” and the previously mentioned “Portrait Of A Headless Man”, or “Martyr”, are outstanding, while in all honestly, there are also a few that do not reach such heights. The album is overall varied with tempo changes, a rich and dynamic usage of symphonic elements and clean vocals, and an alternation between crushing moments and a lighter (yet ominous) breeze. However, a (future) danger that lurks behind the red curtain is that choice to stay this true to their own sound, might also be the band’s Achilles heel.

As for now, Codex Omega will definetly not dissapoint any fan of the band, or the genre of symphonic death metal in general.

By Laetitia

Release date: September 1st, 2017
Label: Season Of Mist

Rating: 7,5/10
1. Dante’s Inferno
2. Third Testament (Codex Omega)
3. Portrait of a Headless Man
4. Martyr
5. Enemy Of Truth
6. Dark Art,
7. Our Church, Below the Sea
8. Faceless Queen
9. The Gospels Of Fear
10. Trinity


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