Saille – V

I’ve grown quite fond of Saille. Ever since their debut “Irreversible Decay” the keyboard laced Black Metal has been a great supplier of Metal for my eardrums. With V this is also the case but I can’t help having a few remarks.

When I listen to Saille I expect to have a full tapestry of keyboards interlaced with some really great riffs and intriguing ideas. Listening to opener track “Suffering Sanctuary”, it immediately starts with great riffs and tension build up. However, I am missing the keyboards! And that’s a pity since this just makes Saille so extraordinary, bombastic and highly enjoyable. In a few parts you can still hear some synth and/or keyboard, but they are mixed in the background…giving the guitar a prominent role. Luckily, the rhythm and melody section of this band is a well-tuned and oiled machine, never hitting its mark creating some great songs, but damn! I really miss the bombastic keyboard sound.

This doesn’t mean that the songs are bad though. This band excels in creating excellent hooks, breaks and the bass and drums have a prominent role and also create some super cool intermezzo’s. Just listen to the powerful and fast “Fetid Flesh”, Dimmu Borgir-esque “Charnel Chamber”, “Baleful Beauty” or threatening “Empty Expanse”, and you surely will understand that this band makes some crafty music; but frankly, I will still miss the keyboards no matter how good this band is.

If you put these comments aside Saille still is a band which deserves (more) recognition (then they have now). Just listen to finishing track “Mirror Motions”. Starting with a great bass intro and with using excellent clean vocals and great riffs these guys really can cause serious neck dislocation. If you are a fan of Naglfar and older Dimmu Borgir (without keyboards) this album should please your musical appetite.
Although I will surely miss the prominent role of the keyboards Saille still can make a decent and enjoyable piece of Black Metal.
So… when you disregard my comments: this album proves that they still master their craft without any hesitation.

Score: 7,6 /10
Label: Black Lion Records

Review Made By: Erik


1. Suffering Sanctuary
2. Fetid Flesh
3. Charnel Chamber
4. Loathsome Legacy
5. Empty Expanse
6. Baleful Beauty
7. Terror Tapestry
8. Mirror Motions


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