Sagenland – Oale Groond

As mentioned before the Netherlands proofs to have fertile ground and keeps spawning quality black metal acts and releases. “Oale Groond” is no exception. In this case the concoction is very easy created: take two talented musicians, in this case Batr (Meslamteae, Asgrauw) and Herjann (Cultus), add some conservative Black Metal and a pinch of Pagan/Folk ingredients in the mix and you have a recipe for a great album.

All lyrics are in Dutch. If this wasn’t the case you might have thought dealing with a Skandinavian release. Just think of old Satyricon and you might have an impression of what “Oale Groond” is about. The high pitched tremolo sound combined with distinctive bass makes you wander back in time. The acoustic interludes really add to the atmosphere on this album while the diversity of vocals from the duo, combining sharp screams and more dry articulated roars, make sure that there is enough variety. Especially when the both combine their voices it even takes me back to the glory days of Falkenbach; albeit for a few seconds, and that says something.

Two remarks: the guitar parts are somewhat sterile and miss some strength. Maybe better said: I am missing an edge, and that’s a pity because with a pinch more power on the guitar the songs presented would be more harsh (just the way I like it). The other remark is the fact that the duration of this album is a little on the short side. With 32 minutes in ten songs the journey is over before you know it. On the other hand the repeat button is nearby because this album contains some great tracks!

Doesn’t mean that these two Dutch blacksters have nothing to offer. The songs are well crafted and executed in great manner. Also the old school atmosphere presented on this album is simply superb. Just listen to songs as “De Jammerklachten – Van Singraven (eerste deel)/Lamentation” with great guitar riffs, the aggressive approach on “’t Leste Gedicht/The last poem” and the superb bass and drums, cymbals if I’m correct, on “In ‘t Bos/ In the Forest” and you have pure black gold in your hands or digital player.

If you like old school Black Metal such as Satyricon and old Enslaved you can listen and purchase this album blindly. Once again The Netherlands spawn a great album which also should get reckognition outside its borders. So lets support the Dutch underground and check this one out! You wont be dissapointed, I can assure you.

Score: 7,6 /10

Label: Heidens Hart records
Review made by: Erik


1. Weer thuus
2. De Jammerklachten Van Singraven – Eerste Deel
3. De Jammerklachten Van Singraven – Tweede Deel
4. Veur De Leu Van Vrogger
5. Bladval
6. In ‚t Bos
7. Van Eigen Land
8. Botte bijlen
9. ‚t Leste Gedicht (Twentse Earde)
10. Terug Noar Et Laand Van Aleer


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