Review: Seven Kingdoms, All For Metal and Wind Rose

Location: P60 Amstelveen
Date: 07-10-2023

All the way fro Florida, USA power metal band Seven Kingdoms started the night and the first thing I noticed were the props on stage, varying rom inflatable squirrels to inflatable instruments and plush cheeseburgers. Vocalist Sabrina Valentine walked on stage with cheeseburger slippers, and I knew this was going to be amazing. They started playing and instantly put a smile on my face. For me it’s the first time to hear of this band but the combination of vocals and the way the band plays made me feel like I have known them for years. Really interesting band and they definitely  won me and the crowd over. Song like “Chasing The Mirage” and “Diamond Handed” have been stuck in my head ever since. During the set a giant inflatable cheeseburger crawled on stage along with some members of All For Metal to throw some beach balls into the crowd and hype them up even more. It was an amazing show and the amount of energy the band gave on their last day of the tour was really welcomed by the sold out crowd in P60.  If you want to know more about Seven Kingsdoms check them out on facebook

After missing out on All For Metal at Wacken because of the weather I finally had my chance to see them play live, for a sold out crowd nonetheless. Coming into the power metal scene in 2022 fairly new band All For Metal show why they are a name that is here to stay. Fronted by Antonio Calanna & Tim “Tetzel” Schmidt this band brings something new to the table. Tetzel’s deep and low voice mixing with Calanna’s high and powerful vocals bring out the perfect balance for the sound that they created. Their first album “Legends Never Die” was released in July 2023 and they played almost every song from the album. It was amazing from the first moment they got on the stage, the band has such a stage presence and they even brought in dancers during the show. Starting off with their self-titled song “All For Metal” they showed the crowd something they haven’t seen in a while and they were absolutely loving it. As I was standing on the balcony to have a better view of the shows, I saw everyone enjoying themselves and banging their heads to the sound of metal. I’m so glad that I finally got to see this band that I couldn’t help myself to loudly sing along and have a smile on my face the entire time. From dancers on stage, Francesco Cavalieri from Wind Rose in Tetzel’s stage outfit for the song “Mountain of Power”, massive hammers and stage props to the comeback of the dancing cheeseburger (played by Sabrina Valentine this time) everyone looked like they an amazing time on stage, and that was shared with the entire crowd. In the set there was a soft break for a little power ballad called “Legends Never Die” and I’m going to be honest I couldn’t stop myself from shedding a tear to this emotional song. They played a total of 9 songs and at the end the crowd was left wanting more. I foresee a great future for All For Metal and can’t wait to see them again live.  Check out the band on their website and check out my interview with Antonio Calanna



It was time for the main event. As their sold out tour comes to a close, Italian dwarf metal band Wind Rose took the stage and the party was about to start. Dressed as dwarves that could’ve walked straight out of Lord Of The Rings, this is Wind Roses’s first headliner tour across Europe and they showed why they were the headliners today. Everyone in the venue was singing along to each and every song, there were people dressed as dwarves and elves and the atmosphere in the venue felt great. Knowing only a few songs of the band myself, it took me by surprise how energetic they were and how the crowd made the ground shake when they started jumping up and down. The venue was really warm at this point, and I was shocked how vocalist Cavalieri was standing there, singing his heart out in full dwarven costume. The energy never stopped during the entire show and both the crowd and the band were having the time of their lives. When they played the massive hit “Diggy Diggy Hole” all the bands that were on tour showed up and threw a big party with everyone on stage. Pickaxes were flying around beach balls and inflatable instruments were everywhere. The band took their time to talk about mental health and told anyone that is struggling that they would never be alone as long as they are part of the Wind Rose family. The band said goodbye after their first headliner tour and promised everyone to be back for more. I for one can’t wait until the next one.

Check out Wind Rose


Bands setlists :

Seven Kingdoms

  1. Universal Terrestrial
  2. Chasing The Mirage
  3. Life Signs
  4. Valonqar
  5. Love Dagger
  6. Magic in the Mist
  7. A Silent Remedy
  8. Diamond Handed
  9. In The Walls

All for Metal

  1. All for Metal
  2. Fury of the Gods
  3. Raise Your Hammer
  4. Born in Valhalla
  5. Mountain of Power
  6. Hear The Drum
  7. Legends Never Die
  8. Run
  9. Goddess of War

Wind Rose

  1. Army Of Stone
  2. Fellows of the Hammer
  3. Drunken Dwarves
  4. Mine Mine Mine!
  5. Gates of Ekrund
  6. The King Under the Mountain
  7. The Battle of the Five Armies
  8. The Art of War
  9. Tales of War
  10. Together We Rise
  11. Diggy Diggy Hole
  12. Tomorrow Has come
  13. I Am The Mountain





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