Report: Satanic Supremacy

20th October 2023
Willemeen (Arnhem)

It is good to see that the Willemeen and Mark Knobbe keep collaborating. This year’s Satanic Supremacy, already the third edition, is (again) being held in the bowels of Willemeen (better said the café). With three Dutch underground bands I am treated upon some icy Black Metal tunes. The line-up has changed a bit because Engorge was cancelled. Luckily, this did not stop this event from being a success. The venue was quite packed when I entered, and that is a good start isn’t it?

Talking about a good start…this unfortunately was not the case with the first band called GogmaGore. I have tried to find information about this act, but except from a Facebook page they are clouded in mystery, besides from the fact that they are a new Black Metal outfit. This band originally started out as a project of two members and gradually developed in a five-piece outfit. This, including two vocalists on the stage which could be a real benefit. But in this situation, experience is lacking. Although GogmaGore do their utmost to give a thrilling show the two vocalists seem a little too shy and insecure to raise hell in proper fashion. Also, the breaks between songs were on the long side, especially regarding the fact that GogmaGore played for half an hour. And that is a pity because songs as “Moloch”, “Murder Machine” and the Lucifer cover “Asbel” showed promise. Give this band some time to develop and things will eventually sort out (I suppose). Better luck next time.

Tsjuster has been around since 2012. This Frisian Black Metal band concocts venomous Black Metal with loads of atmosphere.  It brings me back to the nineties when the best Black Metal music was made. I really enjoyed their performance. A confident band with a tight set and a bundle of good songs. The result: a stage in flames (do not take this literally, we do not want any fire hazard during concerts) with a spot-on performance where all instruments have their place. You can see that there is plenty of experience on stage and they wrap the audience around their fingers without any hesitation.  Vocalist Frederik Rijpma managed to get away with both clean vocals and more traditional screams giving the music an extra atmospheric layer. If I am correct Tsjuster performed “Raven” this evening. It is a song were the clean vocals showing the more melancholic side of this band. This is killer track showing how much variety can be seen in Black Metal music and what Tsjuster is capable of. Add other crafty songs such as “Tichterby” and “Kloften Fan Satan” into the mix and you have all the ingredients for a solid set. They surely must have gained new fans after this gig. Let’s hope their first full-length release will see the light, maybe better said dark, very, very soon!

If you have read my reviews lately you must have noticed that I was quite impressed with Infinity’s latest release “The Untamed Hunger”.  Balgradon Xul (vocals, drums) and Draconis (guitars, vocals), together with some well accomplished live musicians, don’t play live very often. In fact, this is the album release show of “The Untamed Hunger”.  With a no-nonsense attitude and exceptionally good live sound they made a killer impression. The café is not always the best place to have a clear sound, but Infinity managed to display a performance which consists good musicianship and great songs which are packed with power and atmosphere. A performance where ”Lord of The Earth”, “Ortis Luciferi”, “Hakathriel” and “Infernam Aeternam” were presented from their latest record while not forgetting great songs as “The Opponent” and “Hybris”  from their previous records. Infinity managed to give an incredibly good show were their craftsmanship really shined. This band, already active since ’95, deserves more recognition and should definitely be playing on bigger stages.

With Infinity finishing their set the third edition of Satanic Supremacy was at its end. With loads of acquaintances and a few very good bands it was hellish fun. There will be a fourth edition, with some international bands. And if the dark majestic forces grant me my wishes I will be there as well to enjoy some good underground Black Metal bands, a beer and the relaxed atmosphere of the Willemeen.



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