Report: Finntroll, Suotana, and Metsatöll at Doornroosje, Nijmegen

April 25th 2024
Doornroosje, Nijmegen
Words by: Tabitha, pictures by: Ingrid

Entering Doornroosje for the Finntroll concert, the venue’s renowned acoustics and intimate atmosphere set the stage for an unforgettable night. With the supporting acts Suotana and Metsatöll, it was going to be a diverse experience of metal music.

Suotana Sets the Stage

The evening began with Suotana, hailing from Finland, known for their melodic death metal infused with symphonic elements. Their performance was intense and technical, showcasing songs that expertly blended rapid drumming, intricate guitar riffs, and atmospheric keyboards. Tuomo Marttinen, the charismatic frontman of Suotana, kept the mood light between songs with his witty stage banter, showcasing a delightful sense of ‘zelfspot’ (or in Finnish “itseironia”) that was received well by the audience. During their performance, Tuomas asked the audience to light up the venue with their phone lights. Interestingly, Suotana hails from Rovaniemi, Finland, the same city that brought us Lordi, the monster-masked winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006. It seems there’s something in the water in Rovaniemi that not only breeds unique musical talents but also a knack for showmanship that would fit right into a Eurovision performance!

Metsatöll: Echoes of Estonia

Next up was Metsatöll, who took the stage with their unique blend of Estonian folk metal, weaving traditional instruments into their heavy metal framework.

The setlist included powerful tracks like “Küü,” which means “Claw” in English, a song that resounds with the energy of ancient warrior chants. Another highlight was “Saaremaa Vägimees,” a song that tells the story of a legendary strongman from Saaremaa, blending heavy riffs with folkloric lyrics to capture the essence of Estonian heritage. Their performance at Doornroosje was a dive into Estonian mythology and history, brought to life through their energetic stage presence. The ability to connect the past with the present through their dynamic performance made their show a memorable experience.


Folk Metal at Its Finest

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly Finntroll, a band whose enduring presence since the late ’90s has built a formidable reputation. On stage, they more than lived up to expectations, delivering a performance that was both powerful and engaging. Their set, rich with classics like “Solsagan” and “Skogsdotter,” showcased their unique blend of black metal ferocity with folkloric melodies, a combination that has defined their sound.

The audience’s response was electrifying, with the energy particularly palpable during the mosh pit. This whirlwind of movement and camaraderie underscored the communal spirit that Finntroll‘s music fosters among its fans. It was during the performance of “Trollhammaren,” their hit song, that the crowd’s fervor reached its peak. This track, perhaps their most iconic, never fails to ignite an enthusiastic response, evidenced by the relentless energy of the audience that night. It seems that no matter how often Finntroll performs “Trollhammaren,” the reception is always one of undiminished enthusiasm, a testament to both the song’s enduring appeal and the band’s dynamic stage presence. Such moments serve as a powerful reminder of why Finntroll has remained a beloved staple in the folk metal scene for decades.

A Memorable Metal Night

Doornroosje’s setup made every moment feel personal, from the excellent visibility to the sound quality, which allowed each note and lyric to be appreciated fully. The venue’s layout and ambiance contributed significantly to the night’s magic, making every performance feel more intimate.

Reflecting on the night, the combination of Suotana‘s symphonic depths, Metsatöll‘s cultural homage, and Finntroll‘s seasoned command of the stage created a powerful testament to the dynamic world of folk and melodic death metal. The next day’s inevitable neck ache from all that enthusiastic headbanging and moshing felt like a well-earned medal—a rocking reminder of an unforgettable night of metal!