Report: Dong Open Air 2018

Metal Exposure’s yearly pilgrimage was due – heavily packed for a long journey up the sacred Dong mountain, we made our way to the unique location that is the Halde Norddeutschland. Together with other pilgrims, we began the arduous climb in our search for deliverance.. What makes this place so special, you ask? Well, it is the location of a unique and ecstatic event – Dong Open Air!

This small festival was first organized 18 years ago, and although it has grown, it has not lost its intimate atmosphere and down-to-earth mentality. It is a forum for local up and coming bands as well as some larger names. And Metal Exposure has had the honor to attend this event for 11 times now! So although it takes some grit to get all the way to the top of the Dong mountain, it is definitely worth it.

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