Remedy – Something That Your Eyes Won’t See

Arriving to you from the shores of Sweden, Remedy is here to sweep you away with their modern melodic rock sound. When 2020 put a halt to all touring, guitarist Roland “Rolli” Forsmann put his time and energy in writing songs for bands and put some tracks aside for a special band. After reaching out to other musicians with the same interests, Remedy was born. Creating the band’s line up with Frederik Karlberg (Drums), Jonas Öijvall (keyboards), Jonas Dicklo (Bass) and Robert van der Zwan (vocals). The band is ready to take the world by storm with their release “Something That Your Eyes Won’t See”.

Living on the Edge” gives you the feeling of 80’s rock with the heavy keyboard and power chords, followed by catchy lyrics that make this song a great starter for the album. This is exactly what you want to hear when you want to listen to Swedish melodic rock, and kind of has the same feeling as H.E.A.T or Pretty Maids.

Power songs about ladies always seem to do great on albums, and “Marilyn” is no exception. The keyboard blends in real smooth with the rest, and the powerful vocals of Van Der Zwan make this song one of my favorites of the album. I can already see this one becoming a crowd favourite because it has the feeling of a power anthem and is very easy to sing along.

Scream In Silence” starts a little bit heavier and darker than the rest of the album. The setting of the song is like a nightmare and they kind of make it work. Changing the keys of the vocals at the ending of the chorus gives you the illusion that there is a creepy feeling to this song. No rock album is complete without a ballad and “Sundays At Nine” is exactly that. Singing about a man who is on a plane that is about to crash; heartfelt and deep lyrics of someone who just wants to list of the last things he did. The sad tone in the music, switching with wailing and screaming guitars, makes for a perfect combination for this ballad.

After the ballad we go straight back into the melodic and rhythmic rock bangers. “Thunder In The Dark” opens with this over the top 80’s style and kind of reminds me of Deff Leppard and Whitesnake. The organ and church hymn in the beginning of “My Devil Within” seem to fit the title of the track, but it soon sweeps up with more energy and power which also ups the tempo of the music. To top off the power trio, “Sinners And Saints” kicks up another notch; a lot more energetic and powerful than the rest of the album. Heavier riffs, darker keyboards, kick ass drums and amazing vocals make this song an absolute banger. Easily one of the best songs on the album.

Overall, this release is something you should definitely check out if you like this sort of Melodic Rock.
Heavy on keyboard, catchy and well written lyrics, kick ass drums and power riffs bring you back to the 80’s feel with a new modern twist. The album was mixed by Erik Martensson (Eclipse) at Mass Destruction Production and is out now.

Rating: 8/10
Release Date: 16 December 2022
Label: Srock

Writer: Antonie


1. Living On The Edge
2. I Wanna Have It All
3. Marilyn
4. Scream In Silence
5. Sunday At Nine
6. Stranger
7. Thunder In The Dark
8. My Devil Within
9. Sinners and Saints
10. Lifeline


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