When an album starts with a cheesy keyboard intro, my attention is immediately drawn. Add some old school nineties black on top of that….et voila….. you have an album worth listening. So check this album out and decide to give it a listen as well.

Ravenzang (Ravenchant for people who cannot read Dutch) is a Dutch black metal act which sounds like the heydays of black metal. Black metal which has strong references towards the nineties. Including Dutch lyrics two fellows named Vaal (also known from the act Vaal) and Imperiosus combined their strength releasing a self-titled and “Terugkeer naar de Duisternis” demo. With “Uit een duister verleden” which means, From A Dark Past (remember Mayhem ;)) their full-length recording is spawned out of the abyss.

Although full length might be an exaggeration because it actually contains the songs of the mentioned demos and one new track named “Woud der Schaduwen” (Forest of shadows). Musically it reminds me of old work of Darkthrone, including punkish attitude. Expect no subtlety on this record. Except from some keys in “Woud der Schaduwen” and the intro in “Bloed onder de volle maan” it contains only pure instruments and the vocals of Vaal which do the job.

Hardly original, but nevertheless performed in good quality and highly enjoyable. With 30 minutes it is a relative short album. But to be frank, I think a longer duration would take the edge out of this record, drawing the attention away.

If you are into old school black you can definitely check this album out. Although already done a billion times “Uit een Duister Verleden” has enough quality to keep you entertained with the foul tunes presented on this album. Certainly, there are better albums out there but also much, much worse. As for me, I like it! I hope you do too!

Score: 7,2/10

Label: New Era Productions
Release date: april 12th 2019

Review made by: Erik

1. Bloed onder volle maan
2. Stervend licht
3. Verzet van de Falwaz
4. Terugkeer der tirannie
5. Heilweg
6. Woud der schaduwen
7. Hellevorst


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