Preview: Wacken Open Air 2023


Welcome to the age of Vikings ! This year’s amazing theme for Wacken Open Air is indeed Vikings.
With 2023’s edition already sold out 2 days after going on sale this year’s festival is going to be amazing. Fitting with the theme Wardruna will play their first ever show at Wacken Open Air along with other new names including Eivor and Peyton Parish. With a test show last year, Wacken will be a 4 day festival from 2023 on. The fun will start on Wednesday 2nd of August until Saturday 5th of August.
Four days of nonstop music, fun and hopefully sun. With over 150 bands and acts from all genres there’s always something to see for everyone !

This diverse line up this year contains some awesome surprises and some special shows including : The first ever festival show by Two Steps From Hell, An original lineup show by Biohazard. Deicide with a special Legion show and Holy Moses‘s last German open air show.  We also have a few amazing anniversary shows coming up by none other than : Doro (40th), Masterplan (20th), Pentagram (50th) and Schandmaul (25th). There will be something to see for all ages and for all kinds of metal heads. If you like power metal Angus Mcsix will play their first show ever at Wacken Open Air, but also one of my favorite bands in the whole world will play Wacken for the first time ever The Dropkick Murphys. Of course we can’t forget some of the main attractions this year : Iron Maiden are back haunting the holy land of Wacken, the last time they played it was so crowded you couldn’t even get into the infield. (wow what a show that was) Helloween will bring their Pumpkins united show back to Wacken and Megadeth will make their sound heard all over the quiet town of Wacken !


This year’s edition is already sold out but keep an eye out for this festival because it’s a must for every head banger out there !
Enjoy the announcement show from 2022 to show the theme and the first bands for 2023 !


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