Preview: Tarja – The Shadow Shows in Metropool Hengelo

On the 22nd of October, Tarja (former Nightwish) will be performing in Metropool, Hengelo (OV) The Netherlands. For the first time she will bring her show to this venue. During “The Shadow Shows” Tour, Tarja will perform some songs of her recently released album “ The Shadow Self”. Among those might be the latest single, which you can watch here:

The support acts will be Aura and Serenity. Aura is female fronted rock from Romania, where their songs are mostly sung in their native language. Serenity, based in Austria, is a symphonic metal bands with catchy songs. Their recently released album, Codex Atlanticus was well received by press and fans alike. Their songs could be perceived by some as history lessons, regarding the topics they sing about.

Metropool can house eight hundred guests in the Jupiler Stage, where the concert is held. Since the grand reopening right next to the central train station in Hengelo, it has been a favourite spot for bands and fans alike.

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