Preview: Prophecy Fest 2016

It doesn’t get more underground than…well…a cavern, really. How befitting that the exciting and rather new (this is the second edition) Prophecy Fest should take place in the “Balver Höhle”. A cave where, (according to legend) the mystical and malicious blacksmith Wieland had his forge.

With a very wide yet critically selected range in music – ambient, pagan, black, doom to name a few – the festival offers a selection of bands which should appeal to the people whose interests go further than most if not all big names. If you are only interested in watching yet another overly choreographed Behemoth show or hear more of Johan Hegg’s same jokes, this festival may not appeal however :) .

Prophecy Fest is for those who prefer spiritual, intellectual and challenging music like Les Discrets, Vemod, Hekate and Sol Invictus, to name just a few. If the best known bands on the billing are Secrets of the Moon and Helrunar, you know that this is going to be underground!

Some of the performances will be exclusive shows also, aforementioned Helrunar will be performing their only show in Germany after almost three years of absence; Alcest will be performing their album ‘Écailles De Lune’ in its entirety ..and so much more! Did I mention the art exhibition by Fursy Teyssier (Les Discrets) and the special ceremony by Hekate? If this got your attention, take a look at the Prophecy Fest website or at the Facebook page – the more you learn about the festival, the more it will make you want to go there and to get your tickets! We sure are looking forward to our time in the Balver Höhle and hope to see you there as well!


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