Preview: Party San Open Air

After a way too long wait we can finally travel to the Flugplatz in Obermehler again on August 11 2022 because Party San Open Air 2022 is happening!
A few small line up changes compared to the original line up that was planned for 2020 were made, but the majority of the originally booked bands could make it!
With headliners as Mayhem, Carcass and Cannibal Corpse, a brutal edition is guaranteed!
The festival has more to offer than just amazing headliners: Dismember, Alcest, Misery Index, Asphyx are all big familiar names on the Party San fields, but the festival also gives space newcomers such as Nornir, Saor and Motorowl. With a varied mix of old and new bands there is something to enjoy for everyone.
Might the unlikely moment happen, and there is no band playing that might interest you; then make sure to order an original Party San Open Air beer! The festival has its own beer brewed


Like most metalheads I love to visit festivals and concerts, so as soon as metal-exposure was founded, I jumped in. Nowadays I run the site, but also still take care of writing when I find the time for it, but mainly love photographing. I see and listen to a lot of different kind of bands, but my foremost love goes to Black Metal.

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