Preview: Midgardsblot 2018

Norway. Metal. Nature. History. Awesome.

Those five words describe, in short, the wonderful and intimate festival that is Midgardsblot. This year the fourth edition will be taking place in the south of Norway, and there is a very good reason why we from Metal Exposure will be making the long trip to the North again…and you should do the same!

The intimate folk-oriented metal festival that is Midgardsblot has everything to offer the cultured metalhead might desire. An epic coastal location is provided by Viking grave mounds and a beautifully reconstructed Viking long hall; the best music is assured by a diverse line up, offering everything from NBM to neo-folk; the varied program with lectures, tours and games guarantees that every visitor will be fully immersed; and last but not least, the international nature of the festival attendees makes sure that there are always interesting people to meet! Also, there is beer. Lots of it.

And if you have children – here there finally is a metal festival where you can take your offspring with you! The festival has a strong focus on family and offers lots of activities suited for the bairns and their moms and dads.

Sure – the tickets (and beers) aren’t cheap. Those are Norwegian prices after all, and Norway is expensive. Also, you might complain, it is a very long trip, from wherever you are reading this.

To that, all we can say is: WORTH IT.

Did we peak your interest? Good! Although the 3-day festival passes are unfortunately sold out, tickets are offered on the Midgardsblot Facebook page or the Midgardsblot Community every now and then, so check it out and you might get lucky. Day tickets and 2-day passes are still available and can be bought here.

Metal Exposure hopes to see you there!


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