Preview: Črna Loka Open Air Festival

Black clouds gather over the old town of Škofja Loka – not because of rain though, we don’t get that anymore – but because of the impending first edition of the Črna Loka festival, which will be happening in the nearby Gorajte woods. With three days of camping and two days of live music performance, this festival that starts on Thursday, the 25th of August, and includes camping until Saturday, the 27th, sounds very promising.

Despite this being the festival’s humble beginning, the organisers have managed to acquire a fairly big headliner in the form of the Austrian post-metal band Harakiri for the Sky who will perform last on the first day of the festival. The show will be opened by the local Sober Assault and the astral death metal band Siderean before the German atmospheric black metal Firtan will fully prepare the crowd for the aforementioned Austrians.

The second day brings us an extra band still, bringing us to five in total, although the main event of the evening is not such an established name – the Czech Inferno. With four of the bands performing being Slovenian, the second day seemingly focuses more on homegrown talent and that will be represented by Sovrag (death metal), Ghost of Veronica (symphonic black metal), Daimona (atmospheric black metal) and the currently most appreciated metal band in the Slovenian underground, Srd with their black’n’roll sound.  


So with nothing stopping you, come to Črna Loka for the lovely scenery, for the joys and sorrows of extreme metal and, of course, most importantly so that you’ll be able to brag in 15 years that you were at this festival before anyone else knew about it.


Didrik is lead content editor at Metal Exposure in addition to being a writer and contributor, and has been in music journalism since 2019. His main metal loves are prog, melodeath, and folk, particularly anything with Arabic rhythms. He's slightly obsessed with knowing lots of random trivia facts, and avidly follows many sports. He lives in Slovenia with his giant dog Thor.

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