Perfide – Demo (2019)

Dutch soil proves to be fertile ground for metal. Especially for Black Metal. There are countless known and lesser known acts and bands hailing from this beautiful country. From Asgrauw to Cirith Gorgor: they all started with a demo or promo. Perfide is no exception. Luckily Zwaertgevegt has the balls to distribute this piece of work so we, myself and you: my beloved visitor of Metal Exposure, can enjoy the five songs of this Dutch Black Metal outfit.

And hell yeah….it sounds good! Especially for a demo the sound is well produced good and clear. Ok some small flaws can be found, but that gives a demo its charms doesn’t it? What stand out for me on this piece of venom are the Dutch lyrics and the vocals of Skald. Blend this with tight drums, solid bass playing and the riffs of Lijk and Mr. Xul (ex-Funeral Winds, ex-Liar of Golgotha) ,who has played in more bands then a stonemason had bricks in his hands, and you will get my drift.

The first track “Sterven Zullen Zij (they will die)” sounds quite aggressive and gives a solid impression what this demo is all about: solid riffs, pounding drums and razor sharp vocals make a splendid introduction on what’s to come. Follow up “De Gehoornde Heer (the horned Lord)” is a whiskey from the same barrel. Expect nineties driven black metal of Darkthrone and other acts who furiously roamed the Black Metal underground back then. In fact the riff used in “Den Duisternis (The Darkness)” seems a lot like one of the riffs of the mentioned grandmasters of Black Metal mentioned above.

Original? Hell no! Except for some lyrics I do not think that originality was the purpose of this demo. Getting an old school vibe, that’s the key here. And these pervies managed very well. So if you are into this kind of old school Black you can easily give it a listen. If you want to buy it, make haste because there are just a limited amount of tapes left. And for Perfide I would recommend: get your black metal asses at work and make damned well sure that you make a full-length very soon!

Label: Zwaertgevegt
Release date: May 24th 2019

Review made by: Erik

Score: 7,4 out of 10

Track list:
1. Sterven Zullen Zij
2. De Gehoornde Heer
3. Gevallen Engel
4. Den Duisternis
5. De Molenaar van Maasniel


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