Ministry – Moral Hygiene

After the unfortunate death of Mike Scaccia (also known from Rigor Mortis and Revolting Cocks) in 2012 and the very disappointing “Amerikkkant (2018)” I figured that it was over and done with quality recordings of the Industrial Metal outfit Ministry. Being quite a fan-boy of Al Jourgenson‘s main project I figured that with such an extensive discography it just didn’t matter because they released so many excellent albums. But in 2021 Ministry is back…..surprising friend and foe with “Moral Hygiene”.

Let me tell you: it seems Al has managed to get the fire burning at optimum temperature, incinerating everything in its path. The times of “Psalm 69” and “Mind is a terrible thing to taste” are already three decades ago, and since then Ministry evolved (luckily) with adding more ear friendly song-structures without forgetting their roots, and with this album they prove to still know how to craft some sheer quality music.

“Moral Hygiene” immediately is off to a good start with “Alert Level” which gradually builds up tension and the powerful riff-killing “Good Trouble” which really should be part on their live set.
It is good to hear that with “Sabotage is Sex”, Jello Biafra (The Dead Kennedy’s, Lard) is lending his maniacal voice again. It results in a spot on and tight Punk/Metal anthem which is really fun and makes me want to jump around.

While the previous album lacked solid song-writing “Moral Hygiene” excels in it, making it a really fun, powerful, diverse and interesting album to listen to. Just listen to the powerful “Disinformation”, the Stooges cover “Search and Destroy” and the ultra-swinging “Believe Me” with really cool clean vocals and I can only conclude that Ministry is fuckin’ back! If you are still doubting just listen to “TV Song #6” were everything goes haywire, Ministry-style!!!, and you will certainly agree with me.

“Moral Hygiene” is a very strong, diverse, dynamic and ultra-enjoyable album and doesn’t have any fillers. Although the career of Al and Ministry spans almost four decades it seems that they haven’t lost their touch. Aided with the quality musicians, Cesar and Soto from Prong, Paul D’Armour (Tool), John Bechdel (Prong, Fear Factory) and drummer Ray Mayorga (Hellyeah, Stone Sour), Al is back at the top of his game.
If you are a fan of this band you can welcome this album in your house at any desired format.
If you are not…listen to this album and buy it fuckin’ anyway.
This is stuff for my year list and I am really positively surprised that Al and co-conspirators managed to deliver such a killer album. I can’t wait to hear them perform songs of this album live. Great stuff!!!!!

Score: 8,4 / 10

Label: Nuclear Blast
Review Made By: Erik

1. Alert Level
2. Good Trouble
3. Sabotage Is Sex
4. Disinformation
5. Search And Destroy (The Stooges-cover)
6. Believe Me
7. Broken System
8. We Shall Resist
9. Death Toll
10. TV Song #6


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