Marras – Endtime Sermon

Black Metal and Finland has always been a good combination. Thinking of Sargeist, Horna, Azaghal and loads of other projects, darkness seems to be oozing out of this Scandinavian country. Marras might not ring any hooves but with “Endtime Sermon” it might just open the door for this band to creep in or out of your music player.

Deservedly so because the follow up of their debut, “Where Light Comes to Die” (2019), is a more than memorable album. Rooted firmly in the second wave of Black Metal this band manages to enthrall your eardrums with some dark, evil tunes. The prominent role of keyboard, samples together with grimm guitars and shrieking vocals take you back to the golden era of Black Metal.

With opener “Shadows upon the Sacred Land” an old-school intro is being unleashed before bursting out in metal mayhem. Especially the atmosphere, which reminds me a little of Abigor’s “Nachthymnen”, the great riffs and maniacal screams see to it that there’s a proper tension build up hailing from your speakers. Follow up “(1st Prophecy) Anointing of the Sick” is a dark intro which paves the room for the beautiful riff-crafted “Endtime Sermon” which is simply a gem to listen to while “From the Last Battleground” has a more epic approach playing with slower and fiercer/faster parts before departing with a really atmospheric outro which slowly blends with “Gathered to Rule”, what reminds of Emperor’s classic “Nightside Eclipse”.

I am going to stop explaining what this album is all about, by now you must surely get it, but I want you to know: what’s really cool on this album is the fact that Marras does absolutely nothing new but manages to keep it fresh and exhilarating because of the sheer quality on “Endtime Sermon”. Combine this with some great keyboard tracks ridden with samples and it just might take you back to simpler times. Times where evil Black Metal had the world in its grasp and created a black void in which to lose yourself in, and with this I mean the nineties. The production really fits this dark work and after countless spins I can only conclude that I’m happy that I have been acquainted with Marras. And if you like the words I am spawning here: stop reading and get yourself a copy of this great album. It will be worthwhile I can assure you. Great stuff!

Score: 7,9/10
Review Made By Erik

Label: Spread Evil Productions
Release date: July 9th 2021


1. Shadows upon the Sacred Land 05:00
2. (1st Prophecy) Anointing of the Sick 01:32
3. Endtime Sermon 04:36
4. From the Last Battleground 04:30
5. Gathered to Rule 05:07
6. (2nd Prophecy) Last Judgement 01:19
7. My Cold Grave 05:49
8. (3rd Prophecy) Pestilence 00:54
9. As Nights Get Darker 05:18
10. (4th Prophecy) Viaticum 01:57
11. From the Soot of Goahti 08:07


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