Lucifer’s Cold Embrace – The Elegy of Lilith

After the well-received EP “Sovereign Heresy” Martin van Beek (Non-Divine, Netherlands) reckoned it was time for a full length album with his project Lucifer’s Cold Embrace. And with “The Elegy of Lilith” he delivers impressive work! Especially regarding the fact that all guitars, vocals and programming are solely performed by Martin himself.

Musically we are treated upon melodic Black Metal with a pinch of Death Metal. It has some references with Naglfar, Dissection, Dimmu Borgir and a little Emperor. This means great atmosphere, killer guitar riffs and of course loads of keyboards and digital choir.

After a melancholic keyboard part “The Sulphurous Hammering” immediately wakes you from your slumber with some very catchy guitar riffs. Follow up “Abrenuntio Deo” begins very aggressive, winds down with an acoustic part and catches momentum again at the end. This really shows that Martin is capable of creating excellent compositions.

Angels of the Bottomless Pit” has some great guitar work accompanied by effective keys and digital choir making it my favourite of this record. Title track “The Elegy of Lilith”, “The Witches’ Mark”, “Oubliette”, “CDXLVIII” and “Abyssal Descent” have more or less the same approach. All of them great tracks with a good tension build up without falling into repetition. “Titanic” is a short speed monster and with the aggressive last track “Legion” this musical journey is over before you know it.

This album has a good mix and is well produced. In the first few tracks the vocals are a little soft in the mix but this doesn’t hinder your listening pleasure. “The Elegy of Lilith” is a killer album with great atmosphere and ditto aggressiveness. Kudo’s to Martin for this musical endeavour and a job well done! Of you are a fan of symphonic Black Metal : it is more than worth a try. Only available in digital format so visit the website if you want to know more.

Review by Erik
No Label

Rating: 8,2 of 10
Track list:
1. The Sulphurous Hammering
2. Abrenuntio Deo
3. Angels of the Bottomless Pit
4. The Elegy of Lilith
5. Titanic
6. The Witches’ Mark
7. Oubliette
9. Abyssal Descent
10. Legion


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