Last Days Of Humanity – Horrific Compositions of Decomposition

Before reading this review please be warned: I am quite biased when it concerns Last Days Of Humanity.
Reasons are quite simple. I grew up with, become acquainted and even befriended with some of the lads from this cult Grind Gore act. So now that this is out in the open I can tell you that with Horrific Compositions of Decomposition they have finally returned with a full album after a hiatus of approx.. fifteen years. They have released a few split EP’s but since Putrefaction in Progress (2006) the wait is finally over…..and once again LDOH doesn’t disappoint at all.

Of course, the album is ridden with short, aggressive songs just the way Gore Grind music should be.
You can argue about which band sits on the throne when it comes to making filthy Gore Grind music but when it comes to making extreme music LDOH can be regarded as one of the best (Dutch) extreme metal acts around, and that says something!

What surprises me most is the small alterations in their musical approach this time. Just watch the cover and it might give you a small hint……this album is a little out of the box, and maybe that’s the reason that I have listened this gem for many, many times since I have obtained this disc. Add the fact that the 33 songs are short, yet fuelled with hell and destruction and swamped with really cool samples and you have a dish served of my liking. Of course Hans Smit‘s superb trademark growl is present, but combine it with some really cool samples and it immediately grabs you by the throat and rips you apart…shred by shred.

On certain songs LDOH tones a little bit down in tempo making the faster songs pack an even bigger punch.
Just listen to Fusing Symblepharon were you can first grasp the atmosphere before the track is going haywire. Especially the riffs of guitar/bass rapist Bas van Geffen are super cool. It seems the riffs are flowing a little. Just like a wine: let it breath and then taste whether it is a good wine or just simply over valued vinegar…if you grasp what I mean.

Although there is plenty of gore presented some themes used are really cool. With Principles of Pathology, a sample of serial killer is used. This makes sure that it will keep your eardrums tightened and is a very cle(a)ver touch. It gives a small peak in a serial killer’s fucked up mind; but besides this track there still are more than enough traditional Gore Grind tracks presented. For that you can simply read the different titles of the tracks on this album and you will find out yourself. Especially the small steps outside of the band’s and genres boundaries make it extra special and interesting. With lack of better words ….it simply sounds fresh (perhaps rotten is a better word ;)).

The shift of pace, fast and slow, together with some really cool topics makes this album really worth while checking out. Of course both Bas, Hans and Paul (drums) are experienced music makers and know how to make exhilarating music but in this cause they have surprised me with making a really cool, dark and gore filled album which continues to be exhilarating without forgetting its roots.

It’s about twenty years that I have seen these bastards live….so let’s hope I get a chance real soon after we have dealt with the plague of this era. And with this album in their pockets let’s hope they play a lot of songs from this album because I can’t wait hearing tracks of this album being executed live. I can only conclude that these sympathetic lads made another great contribution on their already excellent and extended discography. If you know the genre you can simply add this piece of filthy work to your collection.
Job well done guys. Keep the juices pumpin’ and don’t let me wait this long on another album will ‘ya?

Score: 8,3/10

Label: Rotten Roll Rex
Review made by: Erik

Hematopoietic System Tissue And Lymphoid Fail 2:07
Molecular Shutdown Of The Hematopoietic Cells 0:40
Within The Putrefying Realms Of Clinical Pathology 0:27
Structural Alterations Of Morphological Cell Changes From Within 0:10
Roots Of Pathos 0:52
Sickening Analysis Of Reeking Body Fluids And Tissues 0:36
Malignant Melanoma Disorder By Excisional Biopsy 0:14
Diagnostic Statistical Mental Disorders 0:14
Visual Representations Of General Pathology 0:36
Coagulative Necrosis 0:55
Mass Chromatography 1:06
Molecular Pathological Epidemiology Of Colorectal Neoplasia 0:46
Distinguishing Between Validuty And Utility Of Psychiatric Diagoses 1:03
Nonculture Molecular Techniques For Diagnosis Of Bacterial Infections 0:27
Brachio Proctic Defloration In Septic Atrophy 0:18
Tumorous Parenchyma Of Red Corpuscles 0:44
Running Through The Blood 1:09
Dark Pathways Of Specific Pathogens And Mental Disorders 0:23
Cellular Destruction Under The Eyes Of The Cytopatholgist 0:24
Partial Remains Under Post-mortem Examination 0:17
Putrid Emphysema In Hypodermic Tissue 0:31
Fusing Symblepharon 0:34
A Dive In The Primordical Swamp Of Human Putrefaction 0:15
Cringe In Repulsion 0:40
Examination Of Reeking Putrifying Organs, Tissues, Body Fluids 1:15
Principles Of Pathology 0:59
Six Distinctive Morphological Patterns Of Necrosis 0:13
Ciotus Analis And Defloration 0:49
Coagulative Myocytolysis Degeneration Of The Myocardium 0:22
A Specific Pattern Of Irreversible Fibrinoid Necrosis 0:27
In Myocardial Infarction 0:45
Disruption Of Partial Adipocerous Derma 0:31
Analyzing The Clinical Adnormalities Of Rigor Mortis 1:09


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