Keitzer – Ascension

Label: Give Praise Records
Releasedate: 31 March 2017

By Wouter H.
Keitzer is a deathgrind band from Germany spewing blastbeats and lyrics about world downfall since the end of the previous millenium. Ascension is their sixth full-length which was previously available on cd but soon on vinyl as well by Give Praise Records. Vinyl is the coolest format known by mankind and thus a good reason to review this piece of aggression.

The opening track ‘We Will Drown All of You in Blood’ immediatly strikes hard. They skipped the intro and start off with the first verse accompanied by blastbeats right away. This high intensity beginning show you that they mean bussiness. The first two verses are over within the first minute yet there is some time to breath though. The mid-tempo sections will give you that time and also give the songs more in-depth. Yet the riffs are continuously fast to keep up the pace during the half-time rhythms. This results in intense deathgrind songs from the beginning til the end with rather complex structures which is not very common. And the vocals range from deep grunts to harsh screams to fit that intensity. Overall it is a dynamic album which has a lot to offer.

Keitzer unleashed a beast of a record with their latest effort. Ascension is namely a grotesque sounding album with manic tempos unlike others and therefore highly recommended. This is well structured intensity so check it out!

Rating: 8/10
1. We Will Drown All of You in Blood
2. Ascension
3. Peace Was Never an Option
4. Übermensch
5. Ritual
6. Vengeance
7. Salvation
8. Conquistador
9. Black Silent Tides
10. Origins of Madness
11. Enemies of Existence
12. Wolves Among Us


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