Katatonia tour preview

Katatonia has just released their long awaited twelfth record, “Sky Void of Stars”. Before that, “City Burials” was released in 2020 and was a little bit under the radar because of the whole pandemic. Thankfully, finally the Twilight Burials Tour can take place and on the 17th of February, the tour has a date scheduled in The Netherlands. 

The name of the tour is a mixture of Katatonia’s “City Burials” and Sólstafir’s “Endless Twilight of Codependent Love”. The two powerhouses of melancholic doom combine their forces to bring us a chilly vibe on this cold winter’s night. 

As support, we get to see SOM, who released their latest record “The Shape of Everything” about a year ago. 

The only show set in The Netherlands, will be held in Haarlem, Patronaat. It can house 995 fans and the show is already sold out. Next to that, the tour will lead the bands through Poland, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark and more countries. For the full tour, check out the tour dates

Michael Brookhuis

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