Israthoum – Arrows from below

Israthoum already exists more than twenty years and has spawned several EP’s, demo’s and full length albums. I have never heard of them before. And that’s a pity because their latest offspring “Arrows from below” sounds really good.

When first listening to the opener track “Litany of Spite” Behemoth comes in mind. Especially certain riffs and the throat of bass player Vixinfr (this name won’t work after six beers) reminds me of this acclaimed Polish act. But first appearances can be deceiving because Israthoum has more than enough originality and composing strength to stand on its own.

The journey of these Netherlands-based Portuguese conjurors last merely 30 minutes and is divided over six tracks. This is a little on the short side. But the music is executed so devilishly perfect that it doesn’t hinder one bit. In fact after the first spin, it is already time for round two. And that is always a good thing isn’t it?

The riffs presented on this album have all a different rhythm and speed. Varying from slower to frenzied, ultra-high speed. Add a thundering bassline, solid drums and a bunch of really high creativity with it and you have a concoction Satan would be proud of. Just listen to the piano intro on “Laetetur Cor” before the majestic riffs burst loose and you will agree. Also recommended is the killer track “Adlivun” where sheer aggression and dark atmosphere, while adding extra sound effects, is being presented. Together with the very dark “Tuam Vocavit” these songs are sheer blackened terror on your festering ears. Starting threatening and slowly before entering a more aggressive and faster region. A fitting end of this excellent album.

The production of “Arrows from below” is near perfect and it just sounds like a prelude of hell when listening to this dark piece of art. If you are a fan of Black Metal you can purchase this album blindly. It is a little on the short side but hey! who cares when it is executed in such matter. Great stuff and I am really looking forward seeing these dudes live on the stage. Wonder whether they can re-produce this sound on the stage. Hope I will get the chance to find this out very soon!

Label: New Era productions
Review Made By: Erik

Score: 8,3 / 10

1. Litany of Spite
2. Bracu Magistrïs
3. Ascetic Temples
4. Laetetur Cor
5. Adlivun
6. Tuam Vocavit


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