Interview with Insurrection

By Wouter
Insurrection is a melodic death metal from the Netherlands. They have recently released their debut EP through Big Bad Wolf Records and it’ss called ‘Catatonic’. I have reviewed it and I’m very positive about it. It’s a very dynamic and well-structured album. And now I’m talking to the guitarist Marten about the band and their debut.

Read the review of their debut Catatonic right here

– The band Insurrection was formed in 2010. How did this happen?
The band was formed by me (Marten) and former bassist/vocalist Sander around 2008 in Groningen by the name ‘Deathwish’. After jamming around with various people, Douwe joined the band as a drummer in 2010. Armand joined shortly after as a guitarist and from that moment on we could actually call ourselve a band. With the songs we have written in the meantime we could also think about playing gigs.

– How do you write songs in the band?
Useally a song starts with a few riffs by Armand or me. Douwe does the drum patterns and Pieter the bass. Douwe often proposes an arrangement and then we will work with it at the rehearsals. When the song is finished Pieter will take care of the lyrics and the vocals and if it all fits together the song is finished. And along the way quite a lot of those songs didn’t make it on our debut ‘Catatonic’ however. We felt those were not good enough. But also during the recordings we have written new material which we already have played live in the meantime.

– Has your style changed in the past five years, as a band?
I think it has changed because we had some disagreements in the beginning in which direction we should be heading. Sander wrote most of the songs back then but he’s gone now and Armand and I do that now. Now I think we don’t limit ourselve towards one certain genre anymore and I think that’s a positive development.

– How did the recordings of Catatonic go?
We had a few setbacks during the recording sessions where we needed to record the guitars all over again. And the bass and the drums weren’t synchronous at one time for instance. And with our busy personal lifes it took a while to fix it. But we’re happy with the result!

– How do you distinquish yourself from other bands?
I think we focus on the structure of our songs rather than blasting riffs endlessly resulting in very cathcy songs.

– How many gigs did you play and what were the first and best ones?
Hmm, I’m not sure, but I think we played like 30 gigs. The first one assumebly in Simplon in Groningen (the Netherlands). I had a great time eventhough there wasn’t a big crowd, but the people who attended thought it was great too. And our highlight would probably be Waldrock. The stage was so gigantic that me and Armand couldn’t even walk towards each other because our cables were too short.

– What is your purpose for this year?
We want to do a succesful minitour in Germany and play some (big) dutch metalfestivals. Besides that we will be busy with the follow-up of ‘Catatonic’.

– Would you like to add anything else?
Get our mini-cd because it has great music on it and nice pictures!

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