Interview with Goreruption Netlabel

By Wouter
Goreruption is a netlabel for brutal death metal and slam death metal. This means you can download slamming brutality on their site for free. It’s a very easy way to get to know more underground bands. We’ve interviewed owner ‘Slamming Brutalcorpse’ about his company!’

So who are you and why did you start the label?
I’m Slamming Brutalcorpse and I’m from Munich. I started with this label because I think this kind of music needs promotion. I know a lot of these netlabels but most of them stopped. I don’t know why, so my idea was to start with a label which will never stop to stupport and promote all these awesome bands and to show that Germany is alive in this genre. We love and live for this music for so many years now and we don’t know any better type of music.

The label started in 2009 and I alone worked for it. In 2013, Nils Brutalslammer joined the label. He is the designer of the new logo and mascot. He is from Dillingen, Hessen. We are interested in supporting the underground, support the musicians and their work. We want to show what this kind of music is: what the music says, why bands play this style and why people love it.

So your goal is to keep promoting this music and stay a netlabel?
Yes, but I hope I can start a record label one day though. Maybe in 6 years, when we’ll have our 10th anniversary. But still, we are interested staying a netlabel as well. So besides recording and selling music, we can also promote small bands for free by sharing their music as a free download, like we’re doing right now.

Not too long ago you released Slamming Brutality Session Vol. 2. This is a great way to promote these bands. Was it easy to find all these bands who wanted to participate?
Yes, it was okay to find these bands and also Nils Brutalslammer (Sner-art-works) did a good job on the artwork. But we wrote to a lot of bands. The first seven bands who wanted to participate made it on the compilation. We have made two of these compilations this year and now a lot of bands are writing mails to us too, so we are working on a third compilation scheduled for December. It’s cool to see that peopel think we do a good job. The bands like it and that makes it all easier for us.

Keep up the good work and is there anything you want to add?
Besides Slamming Brutality Session Vol. 3 in December, we’re planning to do a big tribute to Kraanium, Devourment or anything else for our 5th anniversary next year.


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