Interview: Michalina Malisz – Eluveitie

Swiss folk metal institution Eluveitie experienced serious upheaval in its ranks this past May, when long-time members Anna Murphy (hurdy gurdy, vocals), Ivo Henzi (guitars), and Merlin Sutter (drums) announced their departure from the band. However, Eluveitie has found a more-than-worthy replacement on the hurdy gurdy in Michalina Malisz, a gifted young player from Poland. Metal Exposure’s resident hurdy-gurdy enthusiast Sam caught up with Michalina in the backstage dining room at Metropolishalle Potsdam on the last date of the band’s Eisheilige Nacht tour with Subway to Sally, where they discussed Michalina’s transition from fan to band member, Eluveitie’s upcoming acoustic album Evocation II, and what the future holds for both her and the band.. Read it here!


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