Infinity – The Untamed Hunger

Already active since ’95 Infinity has roamed the underground with their orthodox black metal. After “Non de Hac Terra” (2013) I’ve lost track of the band, however, and that’s a pity because Draconis (guitar, vocals) and Balgradon Xul (vocals, drums) have conjured up some good tunes straight from the depths of hell. After a hiatus of six years, Infinity is back with a new full-length called “The Untamed Hunger.” Maybe the lack of touring or lengthy time between records is the reason that this band is relatively unknown. Hopefully, this will change because it is definitely time for Metal Exposure to give this band a place in the spotlight.

Musically we can expect some dark tunes which herald back to the nineties. Think of bands as Dissection, Dawn, Lord Belial and Sacramentum. But do not worry – this band has its own identity. 

The album starts with “Lord of the Earth.” After a dark intro with evil voices, this song gives full throttle with melodic, yet venomous, riffs and hooks (which remind me of Dissection and at times even Satyricon).  This song is very well crafted especially when you hear the opening theme coming back during the song. It shows how much both musicians have grown during their almost thirty years lifespan of this band. And the Dissection-like solos makes this song a feast to listen to until the acoustic guitar ends it.

Follow up, “Ortus Luciferi” starts venomous and powerful with battering drums, powerful and gritty vocals and tense riffs which remind me of the above mentioned Scandinavian brethren. A bold song with some really tense yet melodic guitar parts.“Hakathriel” has a melodic and calmer approach with very aggressive and fast outbursts to keep the tension and urgency high. The shifting of pace during this song is cleverly done, making sure you don’t lose interest. 

The riffs on “Infernam Aeternam” immediately suck you into the raw and pitch-black world of Infinity while the title track of this album starts with howling wolves and builds up momentum with great songwriting (and riffs) . Closing track “The Cold Silence Beyond” is an epic, ice cold and powerful statement, which makes sure that you don’t forget this album, and contains almost all the above elements that make Infinity such a pleasure the listen to.

Although I missed their previous album “Hybris” (I am definitely going to listen to this album), in my opinion, this is the best work I have heard from these Dutch Blacksters. You can clearly hear the Scandinavian inspiration with this band. This does not hinder because the sheer quality and power of the tracks presented on “The Untamed Hunger” are worth your attention. A big compliment to the production (from Draconis himself). It is clear and powerful making sure all instruments, including bas, get enough attention.

 It is time that Infinity gets more credit for their body of work and let’s hope that this album paves the way. I have thoroughly enjoyed this album. And I am certain that you will as well. Check this one out and support the (Dutch) extreme underground!

Score: 8,1 / 10

Date or release: 23 June 2023

Label: Immortal Frost Productions

Writer: Erik 


  1. Lord Of The Earth
  2. Ortus Luceferi
  3. Hakathriel
  4. Infernam Aeternam
  5. The Untamed Hunger
  6. The Cold Silence Beyond


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